Remember… Us…

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“The world will know that free men stood against a tyrant, that few stood against many…”

Okay so some of you may not think its quite as dramatically devastating as the death of Leonidas, but I strongly disagree!

Some of you have made the move to my New Home, but not EVERYONE! Some of you who regularly visited here have yet to update, and I’m pretty disappointed that I haven’t seen you yet! Its still WAR, its still me… Its just got some extra goodies (such as two other excellent writers discussing a wider array of games).

Keep reading, its what drives me!! Except now, at A Wall of Text 🙂

Invasion: Storming The Gates

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Extra! Extra! Read all about it!… but not here. You’ll have to visit my post, Invasion Is Inevitable: Sacking The City at A Wall of Text when it publishes TONIGHT!

I, Helik of Dark Crag, have been presented with the great honor of writing for A Wall of Text! For a long time, AWoT was one of my favorite WAR blogs. As was the case with many of you, I was sad to see Brent go (temporarily) back to WoW. Though he planned to and still plans to make his return to WAR, a few of you were quite upset with his decision and chose to stop visiting his wonderful site. This is me asking you to come back. Give it another chance. I will be on the front lines of WAR, and Brent will soon make his return. My style, topic and drive will not change. I will focus on the usual: WAR adventures, theories, breakdowns and rants!

This is me asking you to update your blogrolls, readers, and favorites. This is me asking you to accompany me as I venture into uncharted territories. Join me in my newest epic adventure! I ask for your continued loyalty to my writings and believe whole-heartedly that the following decision is best for not only myself, but you as my readers.

ABOUT: A Wall of Text has two other writers, both exceptional in every aspect:
Brent: Filmed massively popular WAR beta videos, and was for some time the solo writer of one of my favorite WAR blogs of all time. He is currently lending his talent to the WoW community but may very soon return to WAR!
Scary: Currently a WoW writer with which I have not had lengthy experience, but GREATLY enjoyed his first post over on AWoT. He has a great interest in delving into future MMOs and Betas. He is actually the inspiration for more than one writing I have in mind! Very talented and witty, I look forward to each post he releases… even on a game that I do not currently play. And for me, that says a lot.

I look forward to seeing you all over at A Wall of Text! My first post will be regarding last night’s INVASION! Thats right! Along side <Hate> and many other guilds, I charged two fortresses and the gates of THE INEVITABLE CITY! Sorry guys, you’ll have to visit my new home for more storytelling & photos 🙂 See you there!! Remember, my first post publishes tonight!

For those of you with Readers, the feed is:
For those of you who just visit your favorites every day, I recommend you try out Google Reader – you can use it to visit your favorite blogs from WORK! I mean honestly, who puts a block on google? It has several functions, not the least of which are alerting you of new blog posts, and managing which you’ve read and which you have not. You even get a tab that displays ONLY blogs with unread posts. Give it a whirl, its easy and worth your while!

And remember: Its still me, under a new roof… See you tonight!

WAR: Age of Blogging, Mid-Month Rollout

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Mid-month rollout is here! I know I’m late, but heres those whos blogs I’ve been reading and will be going on my Blogroll today. Great blogs all, with a couple of German/Czech blogs thrown in there for those of you who speak it.

I HEAVILY recommend you sign up for Google Reader to manage your blog-roll. Keeps you up to date on all of your blogs new posts. Having all of these on your favorites, and trying to manage which only posts on weekends, which are daily etc? ROUGH. Trust me, once you go Reader, you dont go back.

In no particular order, I present to you the AOB Blogs of January 1-15, 2009:

Cabal of WAR – The blog for the guild, Cabal of War. Destruction on the Badlands server with a few writers amongst their ranks!
Skurmish – A general WAR blog that will occasionally focus on the Ironbreaker. Check this out, Ironbreakers!
Kiss My Bolter – Very experienced blogger with a current focus on WAR, though he anticipates Warhammer 40k.
The Weekend Gamer – A nice end-of-the-week wrapup. I dont read much on the weekends so I love this. A lot of content in less time.
Alt Much? – The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem! Though, do you want to give up your ALToholism?
Asuryan’s Flames – One flame you don’t wanna play with. Focus on WAR with some side projects – such as videos!!
One Side of the Fence – General WAR blog. A great place to express your own thoughts (second only to your own blog!)
Grumble and Mutter – Commentary, analysis and news! Dips into WAR novels & lore, if you enjoy it. I sure do!
Classy Gamer – Not 100% WAR – which I find refreshing due to a slightly differing perspective on things.
Cry Moar Noob – Discusses drama, questionable attitudes & actions. Drama is the spice of MMO-life.
Reroller – A blogging project attached to his own personal site! Some quality ranting. Know that someone out there relates!
From The Forging of Fire and Ice – Events on Ostermark Order & Phoenix Throne Destruction. Mix in a bit on mods & improvement thoughts and you have FTFOF&I! holy -…
Thats Skar With a K! – GET IT RIGHT, B-… err, dude! General WAR focus. Love the name
In the XOne – Member of CoW on Ostermark. Focuses on the ever-hated Witch Elf, and soon their counterpart Witch Hunter! Give him a break, its still in remodeling stages.
Tome of Gonna – Your source for Tome-Related information. Especially LAIRS! An areathat many of you have never touched!
WAR! For Casuals – The life story of a WAR casual, played out before your very eyes!
The Rant – Wait! It’s not all ranting. The journeys of a Magus as he struggles to pull-in as many Order as possible!
Schlotzky’s Game Blog – Currently WAR, but not dedicated. I heard he’s paying $500 to the first person to correctly phonetically spell his name. I give up.
Epic Slant – Gaming from the top of the food chain! A Guild Leader’s WAR blog as he drudges through WAR PvE content of all types. Hardcore slant, as the title infers!
Warhammer Addons Reviewed – Do you need a description? REALLY? Okay but I LOVE this one – not to be biased, but its not exactly a BLOG so I feel justified in saying it. 
Sneaky Gits – Squig Herder blog. The last thing to go through your head – other than that arrow – is how the HELL is something so ugly, so cute? Heavy attention to Squig Herders
Rainbow MMO – I look forward to this one every single time I log in. Read with an open mind, get a huge laugh, add to your list! MMOs from the perspective of a gay player. Its about time WAR got a blog of this nature.
Laughing Lion Tavern – Writings & Fan Fiction of WAR. Very entertaining with multiple authors, which I like.
High on Chaos – WAR from a Chaos Perspective, and his vision of the future.
A Non-Metagame Look – Chronicles of a Role-Playing server. Not a focus on roleplaying, but a sharing of entertaining experiences.
WAAR! Stories – I know the link has “Conan” in it, but never judge a blog by its URL! The stories of a 40 Rune Priest on Phoenix Throne.
Incoming Pull – General WAR blog, possibly dabbling in other future MMOs. Thats all he told me, folks! Take a peak.
Garrison of WAR – Blog focusing on WAR, but waiting for the coming of DAoC Origins. I’ve got my fingers crossed too, bud!
High Magic – Archmage perspective on life as a healer in WAR. Yet another underblogged class. Welcome, Lhel!
Casual Chaos – Casual Chaos player. Come on people! Okay, I guess I did say to not judge a blog by the URL.
Da Bloggy Tingy – Posting his day-to-day thoughts, opinions, and frustrations… from a destruction standpoint! NO PITY! Okay, I’m kidding.
Rav4ge’s Gaming Blog – Not entirely WAR focused – Great if you enjoy expanding into multiple games.
Bootae’s Bloody Blog – Perspective of a ‘Grumpy Old Man’! I always love these. We’ve lost a couple such blogs recently, glad to see one coming back into the mix.
Live For The Ding – Taking Alt-o-holism to a whole new level. Stand on one foot, pat your head & rub your belly while licking your elbow: 100 xp.
Nerf The Cat – Lord of the Rings Online & WAR. And… CUTE ANIMAL PICTURES! I’ve missed those… who used to always do those on their blog?
My Personal WAR – No, hes not battling inner demons. All about balancing life and gaming, with a nab of roleplaying on his Witch Elf – Interesting. I hope he writes in-character sometime!
Doodz Wherez My Blog – Right here, DOOD! click the link! A bit of destroid-speak, a bit of marauder’ing, a bit of nasty-arm syndrome.
WARart – In spanish, but before you move on… its mostly a photo-blog where they post screenshots of your WAR adventures! Great stuff, with potential to explode in popularity.
Healer at Heart – A topic likewise near and dear to my heart. Healing! Its a rough job, and its not for everyone! Swing by and give credit to the enabler of your entertainment!
Ninjagon Metalstories – In some Czech, some english. Not too much info – I dont speak Czech!
PrintscreenGG – GG, you’re busted FOOL! Hardcore-gone-casual. From hardcore experienced raider to low-profile banhammer.

Thats the wrap-up. If I missed you, post me once, slap me twice! Or… whatever! If you didn’t post on Blog Warhammer, SHAME ON YOU and go do it so we can get your name out there.

The WAR blogging community has really exploded. I pray that of this list, we retain a good majority. Know that even if I do not write to you, I still read!


And remember, blogging is a learning experience in itself. Practice makes perfect. If you post, they will read. If they enjoy, they will refer. It takes time, so dont get discouraged!

Helik The Annihilator

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< Hate > did quite well for Dark Crag last night. We had a warband in a ~5 warband on ~3warband battle for a keep, outnumbered by destruction. With excellent timing and coordination, < Hate > repeatedly struck from postern doors, killing several destructoids and drawing even more from the main entrance. On our 5th or 6th strike, we had overextended, cornered, and death was absolutely certain…

Then something that both shocked me and made me proud occurred – Order poured out from the door and jumped from the walls, following our charge. They blind-sided the enemy force, and before we knew it destruction was in full retreat!

We had won the day. Our momentum carried us to lock down Eatine.

Later that night, < Hate > gathered about half a warband to defend a second assault on Eatine. The dozen players we had was unable to stand up to a force of well over 100 destruction, so we fell back to the fortress and called for reinforcements.

A few guilds responded… Most notably < Ruin >, the Giant of Dark Crag. Though usually they alone field quite a force, they were able to roughly match us here with another dozen players. We picked up a warband of randoms along the way.

By the time destructoid army had shown up, they had swollen in size to at least triple our new force. After having to ditch a north-gate scrap due to a supporting destruction force coming to their assistance, we fell back to the fortress for the final dig-in. Thanks to the quick-thinking of < Hate > officers, we set up not only a thin tank wall on the ramp, but also one at the door leading outside.

The destruction hit, and it reminded me of a scene from 300. Up they come. Hundreds. Swarming. They smashed into our tank line and stopped dead in their tracks. We held the line and threw up challenges as I hit my rank-4 defensive morale. The few that penetrated were quickly cleaned up by the Fortress Lord.

After several minutes of pounding, they finally pushed a hole in our line. In they came, streaming to the lord. We managed enough control to where the lord and our casters were picking them off; Knowing they were fighting a losing battle, they attempted to secure their own tank line outside… where they smashed straight into the < Hate > outer tanks. Myself and a few guildies prompty thew several over the walls, including a guild group of 5 gathering on a siege pad. We turned back to the lord to find that inner-wall was being pounded but had re-established their line.

They came back once more for a half-hearted final attack… They actually spent most of the time gathering, standing, and presumably arguing before order decided to leap and sweep and mop them out of our territory. Needless to say, the renown gained from this as well as the new renown/influence ‘ticks’ added up to HUGE gains for time invested.

I’m proud of this guild. They have taught me that WAR is really what you make of it: Who you surround yourself with, their outlooks, their goals… WAR is about community.

A couple chained defensive morales, a few well-timed Guards, some awesome teamwork and coordination, and we successfully held the fort.


Later that night, < Hate > made a small (6-man) Kadrin Valley push. A group of equal destro showed up to defend, and while they tactically hit us from several angles, they couldnt stop us. We took the keep and I got my final piece: the annihilator helmet and the title “The Annihilator”.

Interested in joining < Hate > of Dark Crag? They are currently accepting applications on their forums at the Hate Guild Website. Let them know RP That Way sent you, and for the love of god, APPLY CORRECTLY and FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS! They are selective, and if you say ‘im 4 sum fat l00tz can u do lost vaile?!’, it may hamper your chances of acceptance.

Jamie Holts Wants My Big Long…

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Blogroll!! What did you think I’d say, PERVS?!?!

Apparently someone named “Jamie Holts” left 22 comments on  “Porn Religion Obama Warcraft Iraq Top10 News Batman Poker Jessica Alba Brittany Spears Implant“, each one individually talking about how amazing, informative and entertaining my blog is, and how she reads it every day, loves it, loves me, loves you guys, etc…

She also suggested we exchange blog-rolls to increase traffic. I somehow think this is not a great idea. I accepted two of them initially since they were rather believable… then scrolled downt o find the other 20.

God Bless Experiments.

Alt-a-holism or Obsession?

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I have a confession

My first character was a Disciple of Khaine. I didn’t get him past 10 before I rerolled order with friends. I had already decided that I did not enjoy the class, anyway.

When I rolled my Rune Priest, it looked amazing. Every ability appeared to fit perfectly into my ideal niche of entertainment. Sadly, I became unhappy and started considering what class I wanted to play INSTEAD (not in addition to) around rank 35.

When I rolled my Swordmaster, I was so excited to log in that it was almost pathetic. I loved the design, the style, the skills and possibilities. Yet somehow, I have recently become unhappy and likewise started browsing at other classes that may suit me better…

Alt-o-holism or Obsession? I really don’t know. Losing the spark or getting impatient? Is this a guise to cover up my addiction to new characters? I don’t believe so, but perhaps. I keep telling myself that I’m looking for a class that more suits my playstyle, and the one I’m playing just doesn’t…

Every time I’m on the verge of this class or that, I change my mind. Fall further behind on Renown, and spend another month without playing with friends? *Sigh*. I tell myself that I have to invest enough time into the game to have a properly equipped character. The ideal situation would be to have one of every character played through 40, but we all know I’d quit long before then.

Should I resign myself to the fact that I just enjoy leveling alts? Or try the Stealth Class? Am I looking for something that does not exist in a true ‘group’ game? Perhaps the Engineer is an optimal choice. Low population, highly versatile, amazing duelist. Or perhaps I am too quick to judge the Swordmaster, and should play it out until I have enough gear to make a real decision.

/head explosion

Second Job

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I’ve been horribly neglecting my blog over the last 5 or 6 days, I know. I would apologize, but in reality I’m quite proud! I played WAR this weekend like a full-time job and got Helik to Rank 40. He ran his first instances sunday night (Warp/Sewers) and is scheduled to run a Sigmar Crypts tonight! Now that I’m done playing ridiculous chunks at a time, I can tend to my sorely negelected blog!

Recently, has begun collapsing due to lack of leadership… The alliance disbanded, the guilds members are starting to disappear (to other games, presumably). However, like my Knight In Shining Armor (lame I know) transferred from hochland. By pure coincidence, my last two guild leaders from hardcore raid guilds in WoW are both in this guild, along with a few other friends with whom I’ve played mmos for years!!

Good stuff. has a solid core of RvRers with enough quality players and gear to run Lost Vale on a regular basis.

And props to Frostasia’s RvR group a few days back. We got into a bugged Altdorf PQ when the city was under siege, and though bugged and outnumbered 2 warbands to 1, we managed to crush our opponents. After they finally gave up and left, we began joining random instances with zero order and 48 destruction, smashing them one by one. Finally a little honor and self respect around here!

Communal Blog Roll

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This post has been edited because: A communal blog roll already exists! I suggest we all work to contribute to this, and keep it as up to date as possible.

Blogging Community Blogroll

Blogroll “Foofery”

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HIGHWAY ROBBERY! I’m directly ripping off said “Foofery“. Thanks Ysharros for the idea!

If you aren’t on my blog-roll and I’m on yours, let me know. I know I’m missing some of you! If you read my blog and are not on my roll, likewise tell me.

Leave a comment or email me at: warrior504th -a-t- hotmail. 

If you’re a part of the Age Of Blogging effort, I’m working on adding you and also writing up a post but I’ve been very busy. Give me a couple more days!

The Lesser Of Two Evils

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We’ve all heard the phrase “Hindsight is 20/20” in regards to past failures.

I do believe Warhammer Online is a prime examle of Hindsight at its finest. Often overlooked, many people simply cannot put their finger on what is lacking in WAR. We have been given everything we have ever wanted, and somehow it has ended up being a whole lot less fun than we had anticipated. While many have left, others hold on to some strange combination of confusion and a last bit of hope.

Looking back on a decade of MMO experience, WAR seems to have offered two key elements that truly appealed to many people:

Mana vs Action Points

We see mana as a way to keep a caster’s capability in check (along with minimal armor) while still allowing them to be the power-players (healers, heavy damage-dealers). The problem that people found was that many battles simply came to a halt as a result of lacking mana.

Mythic has done about as fine of a job as anyone could have hoped for at maintaining the pace of combat. The check of mana has been replaced by separate, perhaps better checks and balances.

So whats the problem? “Resource Management”. In games where limited resources are a factor, there is also the availability of ’emergency’ abilities. You could pull some miracle healing or sudden burst out of your wazoo, but at a cost. “Rage”, “Mana” and “Energy” of WoW are prime examples of resource management. What set me apart from every button mashing rogue in the world? It came down heavily to my Energy Management. I could save, conserve, and strategically burst.

Now we have WAR, where AP is nearly a non-factor. It is lost and regained at such rates that conservation is a non-factor. Spells as a whole must be toned down. God forbid we have abilities as powerful as other popular MMOs without the check of mana! However, a problem arises: Without emergency buttons, it pans out very simply. Mythic must directly relate healing and damage. Healing must be ‘balanced’ around damage. There is no ’emergency’ button in WAR because there is nothing to stop you from chain-using it aside from a cooldown. A cooldown is a cooldown, used once within a period of time. An ’emergency’ is reusable at some large expense to the caster.

Have we traded skill for convenience?

Epic Warfare

 Our second, but no less critical misconception that initially appealed to many is that of Epic Warfare. How many late nights have you stayed up, assaulting cities in games where such was not even part of the ‘content’, dreaming of future MMOs where you might lead an army charging, laying waste to any who may stand in your way.

That is what we had hoped WAR would be. Epic. Grand beyond imagining. Unfortunately ‘we’ are few. A fact that we so easily forget has surfaced again to slap us in the face: You cannot force anyone to play your game how you think it ‘should’ be played. Players will play it exactly as they see fit. And usually that does not spell ‘epic’ or ‘legendary’ unless stamped across a piece of loot. They will bend and twist your rules, push your boundaries. The quick path to the next item with some false pretense of ‘preparing for the war’. In reality, we are avoiding the very war we continually claim we are preparing for.

If I were forced to point a finger at a solitary design flaw, I would blame wards. Syp made some great points regarding wards. More or less: To tell people that in order to have any hope of reaching the pinnacle of RvR, they need a set of loot most easily acquired through active avoidance of such is fundamentally foolish. However, I believe this does not touch one one key point. Wards discourage any hopes of ‘epic warfare’. Epic warfare implies struggle. Struggle implies time. Time is money, or in our case, loot. So the community avoids warfare at every turn, clinging tight to the excuse of ward requirements.


Which is the lesser of the two evils? Skill or Class Limitation?  Blatant Greed or False Glory?

Just last night, I stood tall with < Fist of Sigmar> on my Rune Priest, Convert. We both defended and assaulted keeps against well more than twice our numbers. Our organization and determination won the day.

Cling tight to your excuses. Grip fearfully to your pathetic wards. Your falsely-justified greed is soon to be revealed! Your days of free reign are numbered! While I may at first stand alone, others will soon gather ’round. No matter where you go, there will you find us. Together we will fight for Glory, Honor, Pride & Ultimate Victory!

With whom will you stand?