Under Construction

Welcome to the site. I am still working on the site design a bit before releasing blog entries.

If you’re curious about what this blog will be about, you can find a brief (okay, so it didnt end so brief) summary here.

I play a Rune Priest on Dark Crag. Dark Crag was hyped as being the server of choice for a hand-full of hardcore WoW players. Cant pass up a bit of competition! As a former wow-player of 3 years, participating competitively in Arenas, and Pre-expansion BGs, I couldn’t resist meeting up with some old friends and new e-celebs! I find it funny that most of these hard-core WoW players have already quit, but Dark Crag is still booming as the 3rd most populated server in Warhammer (numbers freak alert)!

I enjoy theorizing, testing my theories, number-crunching and experimenting. I would post these on forums, but they are generally a cesspool of mediocrity. Where then? To blogs! However, such things are widely rejected on many blogs, seen as ‘insults’ rather than ‘corrections’ to the author.

I will write on exactly what I feel like writing on. I wont be covering wide-spread news stories, there are better places with which I cannot compete for such news. Excellent blogs that I check more than once per day. Many of my posts will be inspired by other blogs, and I will likely link back to them at some point. As the name implies, I am not much of an adventure-writer. My posts will be long, sometimes ranting, sometimes crunching, sometimes telling stories, but I play this game for the heart-pumping excitement of outplaying another human.


One Response to “Under Construction”

  1. Welcome to the Blogosphere 😀 (Belated — just saw your name on Syp’s and clickied the linky.)

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