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Transfers Round 7

Posted in Uncategorized on November 26, 2008 by Frankie

These have opened transfers to my home server: Dark Crag

See you soon, perhaps. Assuming I dont reroll to play with CoW

Names: Convert 40 Runepriest, or Helik 21 Swordmaster.


Perhaps, After All.

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Yes, perhaps. Perhaps WAR will live up to everything everyone had initially imagined, after all.

Quotes like these give me hope:

*”It’s really as simple as this, oRvR should be a major focus for leveling, item gain, etc. in WAR”

*”Keep Quests, “Daily Event Quests”, Chained RvR Missions, improve the initial Tome Unlocks and other oRvR-oriented Events”
add the ability for people to have a second bind point to make it even easier for players to move around the maps.

*”We will also make it easily for players to see where players from their Realm are engaging in oRvR, a Campaign HUD for all tiers and other improvements We will also improve Tier-wide messaging about what is going on in Battlefield Objectives and Keeps.”

*”we have created an RvR Influence system.”

*”a global oRvR “Fame” system that will be tied directly to the Tome of Knowledge which will provide more rewards, titles, experience, etc. for participating and being successful in oRvR.

*”It is supposed to be riskier, more challenging but ultimately, more rewarding than any other place within WAR.

And last but not least…

“We won’t let you down.”

Acknowledging the fact that the playerbase is generally currently unhappy with the state of th game. We’ll see, Mark.  Give what you promise and you may simultaneously develop WAR into one of the greatest games of the decade.

My girlfriend should be home soon, so that’ll have to wrap it up. I’m impressed. Follow through, and you may perhaps deliver, after all…

See you all on Sunday.

I’m Leeeeeeeavin’…

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On a jet plane

I don’t know when I’ll be back again (November 30th)

Oh, babe(readers), I hate to go


And I’m leeeaving…

Hiatus & Analysis

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I must say, I have noticed that the trend those of you reading what I write here leans far more towards adventure. I have done a few posts recently on numerical breakdowns… but the stories of decapitated sorceresses and crude hole-in-the-head comments are far more popular.

Anyway, I will (unfortunately?) be headed to Denver for thanksgiving to see my girlfriend who moved away to school. As this blog is new, I dont really have posts lined up. I will try to sneak some posts in between while she is finishing her finals, but it is unlikely. My apoligies!

The bad news, I’m leaving tomorrow. But fret not, I’ll be back on Sunday the 30th!

A Tale of Two Gankers

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While I dont find entertainment in mercilessly slaughtering dramatically lower level players (Going to the T2 starting area at 31, anyone?), I do enjoy getting my revenge. If not on the specific player, then someone with similar drive and purpose.

Just the other day I was roaming Barak Varr as Helik the Swordmaster, for which I am only slightly too high level (20). There is a particular portion of this zone that I wish would appear in every zone. It goes something like this:

Order Chapter Camp
Shared PQ with a large wall separating order/destruction NPCs
Destruction Chapter Camp

This is my favorite location in all of WAR. Two chapter hubs, with a shared pq and a central objective worthy of capture as a strategic point? Can-do! And on Dark Crag, it is one of the few places which I can rely on having people worthy of killing (not 10 levels lower).

I roll up last night, purdy sword cradled in my right arm. Up the stairs, onto the wall, I peer over. AHA! A Sorceress level 20, blowing away anything in sight – just order NPCs for the pq – at the gap in the wall…

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Considering Reroll – CoW’s Recruiting

Posted in Uncategorized on November 20, 2008 by Frankie

Yep. Casualties of WAR is recruiting.

I believe I have made it known at least once that I am very unsatisfied with the Dark Crag community. While I thoroughly enjoy ORVR servers, in reality community is everything to me. Dark Crag was HUGELY popular among mildly popular WoW guilds.

The WoW mentality however, has no place in WAR. And it shows. Nearly every major guild on Dark Crag has the mentality of “I dont want to be associated with THEM!!”, hence: No guild alliances! No Order coordination or communication!

This is not to even tap the issue that large guilds are constantly running instances. When asked to come in the defense of Altdorf or a fortress, or anything other than instant-gratification through gear, the response is “We’re trying to gear up for tanking kings. So, no.”

Sadly, this is a WoW mentality. They aren’t ACTUALLY trying to tank kings. Hell, order has yet to lock a zone on Dark Crag. Or even come close. I would believe them if say, I had EVER seen an attempt to make any sort of push in RVR.

I have tried to unite guilds or encourage alliances. I have, on more than one occasion received the reply “We dont see a point in guild alliances”. I dont have time for it anymore, and I dont have the time to play


Yet for the last month or longer I have heard nothing but great things about the CoW Community and their server. My application will be coming tonight, and I’m crossing my fingers. I’ll probably run both a Swordmaster and Rune Priest, if accepted. This is not to mention that I need a casual guild as my time will be cut deeply when my girlfriend returns to town.

CoW’s, if you’re reading… Put in a good word, and I look forward to the opportunity to play alongside you all!

Rune Priest, Part 2: Master Runes

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Hardcore Theories and Math

You Have Been Warned

Short and sweet. I’m writing from work and I shouldn’t be, but thoughts and ideas have been nagging at me all day.

I am not delving much into Master Rune of Adamant, because the effect is clear-cut and more of a PvE idea in my opinion. But, here goes.

Master Rune of Adamant: Unbelievable for morale-gains. However, it is low and dependable, passive and quite… boring. I do not believe this will be critical or game breaking in any way in RvR

Master Rune of Fury: Chance to restore 30 AP on activation. it is bugged, it does NOT restore the 50 listed as of the last time I used it.
Advantages: Applies to melee classes and benefits instant abilities. More overall beneficial to a group. Helps with AP conservation for your healers*

Master Rune of Speed: -.25 cast time. This is ACTUALLY -25% build-up time. Thats right. So right now, a 3 second cast becomes 2.25. A 2.5 second cast (after 1.06) becomes 1.875 (assume 1.9).
Advantages: AP conservation gained from Master Rune of Fury becomes somewhat moot when you crunch the actual numbers. Master Rune of Speed is HIGHLY underrated, HIGHLY underused.

Allow me to explain.

Master Rune of Fury & AP: 25% chance to restore 30 AP. Let us say, -8 AP from every ability.
Master Rune of Speed & AP: Let us say that you’re looking purely into AP conservation. Let us assume for the sake of argument that you gain AP every 1 second of no globals. At 2.25, this could be said to give 25 AP (one tick) 75%  of the time. That is ~19 AP on every spellcast, assuming you wait the (nearly) extra second to get your tick(s) in.

The cast time? What of it? as of 1.04 you can cast nearly 14 large heals in the span of the duration of the rune. TWO heals will compensate for the time spent (1.5 master rune cast with global with .75 saved per cast)

Not to mention, that is FOUR large heals MORE than you would otherwise deliver in the same span.

Let us break it down:


Fury: Eventual AP proc gains while you mash your keyboard into oblivion.

Speed: The obvious capability to deliver heals substantially faster (.75sec in current version, .61 sec version 1.06).
*AP regeneration naturally through improved cast times.
*Reduces odds of pushback by ending spellcast sooner than otherwise.
*Allows you to be moving to more advantageous positions more often.

This does not even touch on the fact that it affects non-healers, or HOW it affects non healers. (obviously the above reasons for healers)

Give it an honest chance is all I ask. If you are honest with yourself and give it a worthy test-drive, I guarantee you will be pleased with the results.

Try it. And that time you just barely save your friend…
Chalk one more up to Master Rune of Speed!