Semi-Common Rune Priest Knowledge, Part 1

Just some things that I have discovered for myself. Many of them have since become common knowledge, but hey, I didn’t have a blog at level 3.

Let us begin with tactics:

Restorative Burst. Restores 160 AP over 3 seconds on critical direct heals. Status: Broken – Restoring 30 AP over 3 seconds.
Misconceptions: There is a difference between group heal and AoE heal. To keep it short, Blessing of Valaya is 6 direct heals (assuming a full group within range). That is 6 chances to crit. And with 3 piece devastator with one as bracers (yes I wear it), that is an additional 7% chance to crit a heal. For 30 AP restored while you are still able to cast? I’ll take that.

Ancestral Inheritance: 660 armor, passively.
Regenerative Shielding: nearly 1200 armor proc on hot, 25% of the time.
And you also have a nifty morale that grants another 1200armor and 500 resist. Yes, I know that shouldnt be under tactics. Also consider that this lasts 30 seconds, with effectively a 1 minute cooldown, and also effects the group.

Surely, with armor diminishing, I would not get THAT much out of such a combination?! RIGHT?!?! Wrong. I have done my homework, and had somewhere around 70% physical absorption with my morale used, and Regenerative Shielding.  I know this may sound like relying on luck, but honestly, try it before you attack me for it. I also know that there are better uses for tactic slots, many times. But it is definitely a setup that I keep on reserve, just in case.

You should also remember that Regenerative shielding’s proc cannot be negated or ignored. It may be, against some classes, your ONLY mitigation.  Others have debuffs of roughly 900 armor or more, in which case surpassing 3000 is quite effective.

Mastery Trees:

Master Rune of Speed: That is NOT -.25 seconds per cast. In reality, it is -25% cast time. Forgive mythic of their typos! Yes, that brings Restoration to 2.25 second cast time. And yes, mathematically, that can bring a MASSIVE advantage to this over other Master Runes. I will get into that another day. 

Master Rune of Fury:
Actually restores 30 AP on proc, not 50. What is it about mythic and 30? First Restorative burst from 160 to 30, now Fury from 50 to 30? I love numbers.

I will continue this short-lived topic at a later date. Part 2 will contain comparisons of Master Runes. Definitely will be a much better read, accounting for some heavy math that many of you have yet to take into consideration.


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