Nerd Rage

So for some reason, bloggers this morning are beginning to lose their cool with the Warhammer community. From finally cutting their ties with writers who mix politics and gaming, to finally being fed up with the Doom-Saying, Balance-Crying. They’re even offering more logical and slightly less biased suggestions.

 Something that many people refer to when attempting to state the over-poweredness of a given class is “LOOK AT THIS SCREENSHOT” .

Are Bright Wizards overpowered? I will not give my opinion. But one thing to note, is that in EVERY MMO I have ever played, a class can be stacked to hide its faults. If asked why, I would have to say that it is most likely because every class is given an ability to at least somewhat cope with its major weaknesses. Stack that across an entire team.

However, this is not even the BEGINNING of why you cannot look to class stacking to analyze a class. When 6 Bright Wizards (or any class) queue together, each member of the team automatically has a complex understanding of every other player (Duh, same class people).

Not only that, but they enter with full intent to utilize basic teamwork (Assist Train anyone?). They usually even go as far as to synchronize abilities on that same target. I’ve done it before. Someone approaches you with “What if we got 5 [class] and queue up for [Scenario]?! Wouldn’t that be AMAZING? I mean we would instantly kill anyone LEWL! And and and…” Well, yes, if you use basic teamwork strategies. In such a situation as this, you dont have one person AFK, another wandering out of bounds, another charging naked swinging his staff, and the rest targeting different players.

Step back for a moment, and imagine a game where you had a team of a variety of players, all with a full and complete understanding of the other classes, all timing and coordinating every ability. Probably have quite a bit of success! Maybe even dominate all over those Bright Wizards. Maybe not. But I am sure you see my point.

So next time, before you cry nerf, take into consideration the inherent teamwork and understanding behind the group.


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