1.1… Or Not.

I would like to give a prediction for 1.1… Okay, so I cheated. I was given some information, by a source whom I will not describe but tend to trust. Time will tell. My opinions generally follow the same lines as those at Book of Grudges.

But I would like some feedback on if you feel this would be positive or negative for the game in large-scale RvR:

DISCLAIMER: These are not my opinions. I do not claim to agree or disagree with them. These are second-hand notes information from a source who I would expect to know such things.

Healing reductions over 50% will be either removed or reduced to 50% or less.


Healers In General: HoT’s increased to 24 seconds, overall healing reduced.

Witch Elf: I will not spend the time to level one up myself, but I am told there is a proc that bugs on their openers from stealth, creating an unintentionally high level of instant damage. Whatever the reason, Witch Elf (WE) will be brought down more in line with Witch Hunter (WH), with some damage retained to compensate for what WHs have that WEs do not.

Ironbreaker: I have heard every argument imaginable for a nerf/buff of this class, and I wont repost them. But I am told that they are getting a reduction. What kind was not specified, but I think we can assume it is their damage, and not their tanking.

Short and sweet. Let the Realm-Rage begin!


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