Patch 1.05 – C&C

Patch 1.05 was announced today, and I’m now feeling much better about the information I was given. Okay so it was only one thing, but an important detail. HoTs heal the same total healing, but is now stretched over 24 seconds. The source maintains that the rest of our information is still valid, and coming soon. Hold on tight. We’ll see.

Well, it appears that I have missed something in the 1.05 notes. Reductions over 50% have been tuned down. Apparently the grudge change is a huge reduction in IB damage as well. While Witch Elf took a damage cut alongside its mirror, the proc-bug is still in effect. Either way… Sounds like my source was spot-on.


2 Responses to “Patch 1.05 – C&C”


    Just so you know I a) read, b) agree, c) disagree and d) leet speak all the time at home LAWLZORZ.

    Did I do that right?

  2. Dont be ridiculous Ysharros, we all know that if x != x…


    And no, its actually L4WLZ0RZ plz L-2-1337sp33k

    PS I greatly enjoyed your last blog, it is in fact the inspiration for my next.

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