Black Guard vs. Knight of the Blazing Sun (According to Mythic!)

I hate to rant, judge and assume.

But I need to rant. And judge. And assume.

Let me lead in that I first noticed the following information at WARDojo.

A week ago, while speaking with Hunkagrund the Ironbreaker (a good one at that), we entered into a conversation, or more of a debate on Realm favoritism. While the fact that someone would even accuse Mythic of such a crime against the community, they’re asking for such accusations. The quotes and description provided by Mythic (or maybe Games Workshop?) elude to an unsettling prospect… While I am not pointing any accusing fingers just yet, I must brace myself.

The status of the two classes upon release will determine whether I will hold my ground on the obsurdity of such claims, or begin to entertain the thought as possibility.

To summarize, in the exact words of, or NEARLY the exact words, of Mythic:

Class Flaws & Weaknesses:

As described by Mythic

Blackguard: “The only way to truly defeat a Black Guard is to utterly and completely crush them as fast as possible”

KOTBS: “The best defense against the Knight is to keep them on their toes and make them spend more time commanding the fight then actually participating in the melee”

Coping with range:

 Again, as described by Mythic.

BG: “allows them to brush off even powerful arcane magics”
“Unlike many heavy fighters the Blackguard is very capable of holding their own against the Arcane forces of a mage in a prolonged fight”

KOTBS: “Knight of the Blazing sun is slower at closing the distance with ranged attackers and can be very vulnerable to ranged magic or missile fire”
“frequently surround themselves with powerful allies to seal off their own inherent weaknesses”

In case you’re not catching it, allow me to translate:

1) kill fast or be crushed. The longer they survive, the better they get.
2) close the distance quickly with massive resistance.
3) Almost invulnerable to ranged.
4) nearly unstoppable.
Quote Translated: You will be crushed by my mighty awesomeness. I am unstoppable. I destroy nerds!!

1) Hey, a butterfly!
2) Very easily slowed, in itself moves slowly and cannot close on ranged classes.
3) Very open and vulnerable to ranged.
4) Hides behind stronger classes to hide his weakness.
Quote Translated: Brute force and violence is not always the answer.

Most of you who read this, will have frequented other blogs for quite some time. So I will spare you the pain of another speech about “Destro has tanks, order has casters!”

Yes I understand that Black Guard is supposed to be an Ironbreaker, and KOTBS a Chosen, so please do not lecture me on this… Take the descriptions and the post for what they are, and discuss how you feel…

Do you feel like I am jumping to conclusions? What, if different from my own, conclusion do you draw? Merely lore? Or the dreaded favoritism?


NOTE: Yes I have looked at the Ironbreaker description, and I know that it is similar, though not quite as powerfully worded. Yes I know that it is mostly just lore. But, as I said, it sure doesnt help with the population balance! Let us hope that 1) KOTBS looks awesome, and 2) our hammerer is replaced by slayer. Those two things should aid in Order popularity.


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