M.I.A. or FUBAR?

I know my blog is new, and that I should be posting every day. Truth be told, Dark Crag, for its massive population and all the hype, has turned out to be pretty dull.

Yesterday, I woke up at about 8:30 AM PST to find that the T4 Human Vs. Chaos was locked, and the Dwarf Vs. Greenskin was pushed back to Kadrin Valley. It would appear that Destruction had pulled the classic “Crush them before they wake up!” tactic. They couldn’t win enough scenarios and we kept up the ninja-capping of objectives in the open zone. They tried again sunday. They had 3 relatively ‘organized’ warbands. After about two hours of camping the entrance of our warcamp, they began backpetaling with two raid groups, and another would swoop down from a nearby hill. Again. And Again.

I guess the horrid participation (20 players at its peak) of the order vs the outstanding (4 warbands at least at peak) participation of destruction was rather discouraging. And, the population of ACTIVE rune priests on Dark Crag is quite high. The average scenario has 4. I am not surprised to see such a number. And world RVR? Well, I just wrote all about that.

So, I’ve been toying with an Ironbreaker that I’ve named Helikk.  Just trying to burn a little time until the much needed 1.05, to see if things turn around on Dark Crag, or if I should be playing elsewhere.


One Response to “M.I.A. or FUBAR?”

  1. As always, there is no should or must in blogging. I’d rather read good posts than space-filler or get-seen posts, if that makes sense. Don’t worry about it. 😉

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