Mechanics & The Grudge Paradox

I have been waiting to release this until the inevitable change of the grudge-nerf on PTS to something less severe. Thank you very much to JoBildo for posting the Ironbreaker Grudge Re-Buff. Now, let us commence.

Sorry. I am going to say some things you may not like. In fact, some less mature players may stop half way and never come back. However, I could really care less about them. They are of no true value to the competent population. But if you finish this article, you’ll realize that the ideas are in fact constructive in nature and may lead to some favorable solutions. If you still hate me by the end, feel free to post and tell me why this is all so horrible. Like I said, many people may not like it.

May not like it if say, you’re an Ironbreaker.

Definitely if you’re one of those people (I’m guilty) who defend their class against any even slight negative change, claiming against all facts that none is necessary. Post any argument you’d like, but flames will be denied. I know the question is coming, so I will answer now: Yes I have played an Ironbreaker, and yes at 40. And, for those of you about to ask the 40 question, I will remind you that grudge does not change between 10 and 40, anyway.

Allow me to first delve into Mechanics in Warhammer. The mechanics for each class are currently in place for two reasons.
1) To allow a class to fluxuate in power
2) To hold a class back

Number 1 allows ability management, skill and strategy to be factored into a character. This is especially important in a game lacking mana. Consider how boring it would be to not have these mechanics. I doubt I even have to list the outcome to most players.

Number 2 is incredibly important with every class. Imagine an archmage who could CONSTANTLY maintain 5 force or tranquility. Imagine a Bright Wizard that always crit and did not have a chance to backfire. Imagine an Ironbreaker who could generate 100 grudge in 8 seconds and maintain it over an entire battle, let alone an individual fight… Oh wait.

I am not sure how severe the nerf will prove to be, to be honest, but on paper it looks appropriate if not necessary. To gain 100 grudge in seconds (even when you are not the target), and to maintain it throughought a fight, is ridiculous. Before you flame me, allow me to continue my explanation.

Maybe your damage will be horrific after the patch, i cannot say. But if that is the case, your BASE and CORE damage should be beefed up. A mechanic that is running at full power in moments, and then maintaining full power for the duration of the fight without drawback, is not a mechanic at all (see the two reasons for mechanics listed above). I do believe that qualifies it more as a blessing or buff than a mechanic. It does not hold you back, and does not fluxuate your abilities. It is simply… THERE.

This is not the intent of a mechanic. They have changed it, so now it WILL fluxuate. Now it WILL hold you back, maybe too much. It will also put some usefulness to otherwise relatively useless tactics and masteries. What is the point of a grudge-gaining tactic or ability if having grudge is NEVER of concern? Whether it decays too fast remains to be seen. I will NOT be listening to the forum trolls who have toyed with it for 3 minutes before declaring it broken and clamoring that they will quit their Ironbreaker and unsubscribe if it is not fixed.

There is also a list of abilities, masteries and tactics that are rendered useless by the fact that grudge is so easily capped and even more easily maintained. Maybe, with the patch, it will bring a level of usefulness to things like Rising Anger Tactic. Maybe, just maybe it will encourage people to use a SHIELD with this tactic as well (one-handers swing faster, proccing it more – yes I know it is capped). Ironbreakers ARE tanks, after all. Honestly, so many things are rendered so useless by the rate of grudge generation. Its horrible.

Please, before you post, I remind you… I am in no way deeming Ironbreakers over/under powered as they stand on live, but I AM saying that their ‘mechanic’ is mostly pointless, and hardly restricts the class, let alone allow it to fluxuate. It momentarily restricts you and nothing more. And perhaps this is not the answer.

I likewise understand that grudge is very difficult to gain in ORVR zergs via oath friend… Well, put on a shield. Like I said, you ARE a tank. If that is too unreasonable, you (god forbid!!) may have to use some tactics and mastery specs that assist in grudge generation! *GASP* This is not even to mention the oath friend change, which will GREATLY assist with said problem.

My Suggestion

Under the assumption that Ironbreakers do an intended amount of damage. The mechanic stay as it is on the test server. Zero-grudge damage be toned down, and 100-grudge damage be raised higher. That way, instead of grudge being a buff, achieving max grudge will instead allow you to do considerable damage, while maintaining a mid-level will allow it to be respectable.

I would also like to comment on Oath Friend as it stands now in comparison to the patch. With the changes currently in place, had it maintained a cooldown… wow, it would’ve been horrible. But ALSO, as it stands now, it is more of a ‘fire and forget’. You cannot really rely on it. If your oath friend dies too quickly, you have a cooldown before you can apply it to another.

It is my personal opinion that the live status of Oath Friend with a cooldown is utterly pathetic. You apply it to fill your grudge bar instantly, and if that person dies, your oathfriend buffs are going to waste until the CD is up. Or if your opponent changes targets, grudge generation can die off with no chance for you to react.

In 1.05, Oath Friend becomes a skill ability, where you can toggle it to the target that needs it most, and also will require you to toggle it around to maximize grudge generation (where now gaining grudge is a joke). I understand it will be hard. I understand that not all of your abilities will work at max capacity instantly, but for gods sake at least they gave your mechanic some depth. Now, we will see more than ever who the GOOD Ironbreakers are.


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