Mythic Critically E-Slaps Community Across The Face

For 8,312.

RvR Dies.


I just wanted to take a moment out of my less-than-busy day to comment on some things that Spinks at Book of Grudges has pointed out for us. RvR gear progression is poor. People are trading keeps to maximize loot, and I can personally GUARANTEE that most of them will claim it is so they can tank/kill city bosses. And I can likewise GUARANTEE and would bet my character (okay, maybe an alt) that most of them could give a crap about real RvR. I mean honestly, theyre AVOIDING IT to get gear. its about the item. Its the WoW mentality. Sorry, I’m being very negative and probably even rude, but I’ll get to the more critical and well-backed point now.

PvE gear is a joke. At LEAST one guild on Dark Crag has been clearing Lost Vale for weeks now. I got jumped by a certain Chosen who’s name I will not mention, who is known for wall-walking keeps to 3-man keep lords (yes its possible. I’ve seen it). This Chosen now has a FULL set of Lost Vale gear. Weapon included.

And you’re telling me, a player who actually plays this game to compete against other players in Open RvR, that I have to siege cities to get even a remote PRAYER for gear like this? Yeah, no. That is a slap in the face.

I will tell you why it is a SLAP in the face. Do none of you recall Mythic stating that “RvR Gear will win the day”? Sure it will, if you can ever acquire a city-sieging set bonus, let alone a single piece to combat the increasing amount of Lost Vale items. I’m sure I’ll get at least one “Go to lost vale then NEWB”. Well, no, I wont. I play this game for the RvR. If i wanted to farm dungeons to loot up my character, i would return to WoW. And lets face it, PvE in this game is even more of a joke than WoW. Pretty pathetic, pretty easy. Pretty simplistic. Let us pretend it isn’t. It STILL is in comparison to any type of city siege. Sure, rank to rank, RvR gear MAY OCCASIONALLY be better, but not often. Usually, its right about the same. However, when it leans in one direction, that direction tends to be PvE. i was browsing Ironbreaker gear, and the same-tier set for PvE granted 3 mastery points while PvP granted only 2.

The only way to fix it? The damage from Lost Vale has been done. Guilds are farming it, some even having full sets. So, you would have to add another dungeon that was actually a challenge (lol?), and then beef up the RVR gear. But really, this is unrealistic and there are dozens of other issues that tie in. Not to mention, it breaks their other promise that this would not be a heavily gear-centric game.

GG Mythic. If my level of disgust rises much more, I may end up spreading the word on how Wallwalking and Individual-Pulling keep lords works, so that while it may run rampant for a few days… it will FINALLY be fixed.

Maybe they’ll fix the Witch Elf Kiss Proc bug while they’re at it. Probably not.

Okay I lied, I will probably never disclose something like that. I hate cheaters.

Thats the end of my bitter-old-man rant. Thank you for reading. Or not.


3 Responses to “Mythic Critically E-Slaps Community Across The Face”

  1. I’m with you. I don’t want to have to farm dungeons in WAR, they’re not what I came for.

  2. Ditto. I was rather hoping I would never see that in WAR. However, there are probably 8 people for each one of us, all waiting for WAR to put in more dungeons and instances and raid bosses like That Other Game.

  3. Unfortunately Ysharros, WoW is better at making WoW. If Mythic is trying to make WoW with a PvP twist, its just going to be mediocre instances AND mediocre RvR. They have an idea, I just hope they dont SWG it up and try to make it into something its not. WoW-izing their game will attract more to start, and leave the real RvR players bored, and the PvE’ers going back to WoW. And, you can imagine the rest.

    Can’t afford even more DAoC Fever. You know the ones, who get in the rut of talking constantly about old times, and placing their bets on the next big PVP MMO… You dont want that kind of discussion in your game.

    But hey, 1.1 is coming soon. I’ll avoid any final judgement at least until then.

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