Fork In The Road (Warpath?)

I believe Mythic has reached it. There is a solid product with a solid concept. They have brought things to a relatively-functioning level. Now is the fork in the road. Does WAR Become DAoC 2.0, or a failure of SWG-Scale? I will not Doom Say. Just allow me to explain.

DAoC had great ideas, and I to this day have yet to hear someone say “I tried DAoC for a week and did not like it”. In fact, I don’t believe I have heard anything not along the lines of “That was the best time I have ever had in any game in my life”. It didn’t draw in the masses, but it had a solid concept that attracted a fair base. Among their short list of failures, was class balance. Perhaps listening too much to the playerbase and analyzing data too little? Perhaps not.

Then, there is the opposite. SWG. Completely ignoring the playerbase. Posts on assumptions such as “Nobody wants to be the moisture farmer” were met with swarms of “That is exactly what we want”. Ignored, the community was condensed into a small set of ‘superclasses’. We all know that SWG failed. And many of us also know that the lead developer recently smoked himself.

Posts like this are discouraging and remind me much of SWG. In fact, it seems to almost mirror the posts, reactions and general failures of SWG:

“I loved DF as well. One of my favorite ideas. I can’t imagine though we would want to do it again, would we?”
-Mark Jacobs

DF is what people are begging for! Screaming for! Demanding! And you reply with “You dont REALLY want that, now do you?”
Well… YES!!! This is shaming the playerbase for their feedback, basically belittling the players for even suggesting repeating an idea. Honestly… ideas get recycled, that is how MMOs improved. They re-use and improve the good ideas. EVERY MMO. That does not exclude DAoC, WoW, or WAR. They all do it!

I’m not sure if I feel more belittled by Mark Jacobs for our requests for another DF, or by “Vince From Shamwow” for not spending $20 on a pair of rags.

Mark, you need to belittle the community about as much as the SWG lead producer needed a hole in the head (pun intended)


On a side-note, congrats to JoBildo on his World Domination Post on the Herald!! I’m impressed, Bildo.


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