Considering Reroll – CoW’s Recruiting

Yep. Casualties of WAR is recruiting.

I believe I have made it known at least once that I am very unsatisfied with the Dark Crag community. While I thoroughly enjoy ORVR servers, in reality community is everything to me. Dark Crag was HUGELY popular among mildly popular WoW guilds.

The WoW mentality however, has no place in WAR. And it shows. Nearly every major guild on Dark Crag has the mentality of “I dont want to be associated with THEM!!”, hence: No guild alliances! No Order coordination or communication!

This is not to even tap the issue that large guilds are constantly running instances. When asked to come in the defense of Altdorf or a fortress, or anything other than instant-gratification through gear, the response is “We’re trying to gear up for tanking kings. So, no.”

Sadly, this is a WoW mentality. They aren’t ACTUALLY trying to tank kings. Hell, order has yet to lock a zone on Dark Crag. Or even come close. I would believe them if say, I had EVER seen an attempt to make any sort of push in RVR.

I have tried to unite guilds or encourage alliances. I have, on more than one occasion received the reply “We dont see a point in guild alliances”. I dont have time for it anymore, and I dont have the time to play


Yet for the last month or longer I have heard nothing but great things about the CoW Community and their server. My application will be coming tonight, and I’m crossing my fingers. I’ll probably run both a Swordmaster and Rune Priest, if accepted. This is not to mention that I need a casual guild as my time will be cut deeply when my girlfriend returns to town.

CoW’s, if you’re reading… Put in a good word, and I look forward to the opportunity to play alongside you all!


4 Responses to “Considering Reroll – CoW’s Recruiting”

  1. Weee! We got one already!

    I’ll personally give my thumbs up on your App. 🙂

    It’ll be rough to get leveled up, don’t make bones about it. As T1 is quiet and T2 is quieting. But T3 and T4 are busy, and I’m sure we have some alt folks who will gladly play alongside you.

    Bring some friends if you’d like too!

  2. Thanks Bildo 🙂

    I can live with slow, I have done the quests in tier 1 and 2 more times than I care to count, testing various classes!

    Like I tell people so often, if you’re unhappy you’ll eventually change. Would you rather waste a month or a year?

  3. Cmon over, you know you wanna. Besides we’re all altoholics, we have chars in all tiers 😛

    But yes… redoing content you’re sick to death of is an obstacle 😐

  4. More Order scum to defile my lovely Averheim server? LOL! See ya on the battle field.

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