A Tale of Two Gankers

While I dont find entertainment in mercilessly slaughtering dramatically lower level players (Going to the T2 starting area at 31, anyone?), I do enjoy getting my revenge. If not on the specific player, then someone with similar drive and purpose.

Just the other day I was roaming Barak Varr as Helik the Swordmaster, for which I am only slightly too high level (20). There is a particular portion of this zone that I wish would appear in every zone. It goes something like this:

Order Chapter Camp
Shared PQ with a large wall separating order/destruction NPCs
Destruction Chapter Camp

This is my favorite location in all of WAR. Two chapter hubs, with a shared pq and a central objective worthy of capture as a strategic point? Can-do! And on Dark Crag, it is one of the few places which I can rely on having people worthy of killing (not 10 levels lower).

I roll up last night, purdy sword cradled in my right arm. Up the stairs, onto the wall, I peer over. AHA! A Sorceress level 20, blowing away anything in sight – just order NPCs for the pq – at the gap in the wall…

I creep to the edge of the shattered wall, and as she attempts to pass through the opening.. I strike! Sadly, at this level at least, a Sorceress cannot really beat me without
1) being at range
2) surviving 20 seconds
Neither of which are realistic.

I head back to the wall, hiding behind a cannon as I wait for my next victim. Who other than the returning sorceress! This time, she was slightly prepared but died all the same. My laugh becomes more of a dull snicker. Return to the wall. I contemplate leaving when – you guessed it – the sorceress!

She’s back. But now she’s feeling smart, convinced that I will run down across a large open field to confront her from 100 feet. Pfft. She doesnt see me from my hiding spot on the wall. I watch as she spams emotes at nothing and jumps in circles from 100 feet and her forest hideout.

Forest hideout.

I move to the far end away from the gap, sliding down some rocks to the destruction side of the fall. I glance to my left. The sorceress is still bobbing far from the crack, intent on drawing me down. I spring an elf-bush. At the right moment, I flee for the thick brush and forest that surrounds the destruction camp. Still undiscovered! I dart from tree to bush to brush, finally arriving 30 feet from my target. Nothing gets my heart racing like a good hunt!

I just imagined (with great pleasure!) him moaning and bitching on Ventrilo about what a horrible player i was, complaining that I not only got lucky, but am exceptionally bad for reasons unknown (maybe a clicker?) Plus, I am a coward for not coming down off my wall and charging across an open field. I mean what kind of scrub-

And then I strike.

I would like to imagine that the guy (definitely a guy) behind that character emptied his bladder into his pants as he turned to see me in full sprint from the nearby bushes (probably 15 feet by this point), suddenly stopping dead in his tracks before getting train-wrecked by my greatsword to his e-face. I would also like to imagine him screaming bloody murder in a pre-teen rage as loud as his puberty cracked voice could muster – “F***********************CK!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I must have crit a whole lot, or he didnt heal those wounds. That’ll teach him.

In true griefer style, I then left him to his misery.


3 Responses to “A Tale of Two Gankers”

  1. I had my fair share of the gank in WoW. STV on a PvP server will give anyone their lifetimes worth of the gank.

  2. I must say, I much prefer to defeat the players my level. And pre-TBC during the golden days of WoW, 1 vs multiple was far more feasable. CURSE YOU, RESILIENCE!

  3. As a rank 16 Warrior Priest, such opportunities haven’t come to me yet. I will be savoring each minute that builds up to that moment in the meantime.

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