Contribution – WRONG –

I read at A Wall of Text that people believe they broke contribution. Let me tell you, you’re WRONG. I am ALWAYS at the top. not because I do more, but because I have figured it out. Its NOT a randomly assigned number upon zoning in. Nor is it fair. I’m not saying its right or working, but the people who posted on WHA who have been quoted at AWoT are incorrect. Sorry guys.

I have an entire post written which I am considering publishing. It would probably ruin keep raids for awhile until mythic changed it, but at least false information wouldn’t be passed as fact. I cant read WHA right now, but I can tell you that contribution, while broken, is NOT random. Its just more broken than you even think it is.


14 Responses to “Contribution – WRONG –”

  1. Send it to Mythic instead, *then* publish it when they fix it and you’re vindicated. 😉

  2. Do eet… you know you want to!

  3. we know its broken and there are lots of ideas. Screenshots or it didn’t happen …if it did happen and you figured it out and you still go on keep raids then your an exploiting cheater.
    Posting stuff like this will get you tarred and feathered. Should help on website visits though.

  4. Make it public. If the information leads to gameplay which would be ruinous to keep raids, you can be sure Mythic will patch it up ASAP. But not revealing it could lead to people not participating in keep sieges and even abandoning the game due to false information.

    I know which one I would choose if I were the bearer of such secrets.

  5. So you’re just gonna leave us hanging then?
    Get crackin on that keyboard, young man!

  6. I’d consider publishing it or else you have no credibility. It’s to the effect of “I can play that instrument WAY better than you. But I’m not gonna. ‘Cuz it’s a secret.”

    I don’t doubt that you may know something but you’ll have to share some tidbits if you want anyone to buy into what you’re saying.

  7. Your creating quite a stir it seems. I do think theres something up, I placed in top 5 of contribution everytime, I just beat on the boss though.

  8. […] The word on the virtual streets of WAR these days is that the reward at the public quests (when indeed there is a reward to be had) is not figured out by player contribution as has been represented by the good folks at Mythic. For those of you who have not played WAR, at the completion of a public quest the game purportedly ranks all players by their contribution to the quest and gives bonuses to the determination of who gets the loot and who gets “skunked”. But now the word making its hurried way around the internet is that the loot at the end of public quests is awarded entirely at random.  But no, says the author of the “RP that Way” blog (via in a post available here: […]

  9. Way to delete my comment. All I suggested was tossing a bone because right now you haven’t a leg to stand on. If you can’t provide any evidence, none, for such an incredulous claim, and expect to *not* get some questioning, I’d suggest deleting the post.

  10. rpthatway Says:

    Woah woah, my blog requests me to approve all comments, and I have been gone for a day. Give me a break. Ysharros gets approved auto because i’ve approved them so many times already.

  11. Ah, well my apologies then. It displayed for me initially then when I visited later it was gone. I still think you should share your knowledge 😀

  12. rpthatway Says:

    Its shared!

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