I’m Back…

And I just did 10 of the Heavy Metal quests in 2 hours, and the 11th shortly following. 4 were done pre-hiatus and I now have done every quest and recieved my heavy metal box.

No title for doing them all. You can get the box only doing ~12.

I almost got hung up at the 15 ORVR kills (level 21 on my Swordmaster)… Then it hit me. Tier 1 areas!! They would be flooded with people my level. Sure enough, Wamut – The (now) 21 Squig Herder who has not made any attempt to level up in 3 weeks lest he sacrifice his favorite pass-time: Ganking. In the 9 days of my hiatus, he has moved from 20-21. He has been in the 18-21 range since I created my swordmaster. Always there, always smashing lower level players in the RVR lake.

Needless to say… My disgust was colossal, my destruction complete.

I would like to imagine that I ruined his entire night by destroying him every time he got within range of a Battle Objective.


One Response to “I’m Back…”

  1. LOL, I love ruining people nights.

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