Rune Priest Leveling – Loner Style

This Is One Of Those Messy Posts
While At My Office

I’m at the office, not working…

I just feel like writing. And I’m not going to clean this post up or make it look pretty, or organize it in any particular fashion.

The greatest reason for this post is because one of the more popular google searches that leads here is regarding Master Runes for leveling. Now, since I have a post regarding Master Runes in RvR and especially at Tier 4, I suppose it makes sense to hit on master runes in solo PvE and sub Tier 4.

Adamant: HoT. Passive healing is nice, but I find it to be mediocre when not surrounded by a group. The usefulness of this is obviously multiplied when you are surrounded by a group. However, as I have previously stated, I find Adamant to be the least overall useful rune in PvP. I therein also mention that I only find it useful for group instance runs.

Fury: Useful as it procs off of ‘activation’ for groupmembers. Though compounded in a group, I still find this to be nice. Problem being, it is bugged and only restores 30 AP (as of a month ago, and I have seen no notes indicating a fix). Honestly, your instants are dots, and thus require few recasts. The major impact is on repeatedly cast instant-damage spells, which sometimes include a cast time. However, the impact is small (it could be said that 30 AP 25% of the time is roughly equal to using 8 less AP on every ability)

Speed: My favorite! In the case that you ARE casting, and AP does become a problem: I have already discussed the massive AP advantages of Speed over fury. I know I have linked that post several times already, but it is really quite an informative read. Keep in mind, that is aiming towards RvR and Tier 4 where casting is far more prominent.

Commence the math and TheoryHammer!

Keep this in mind: “The slower you kill, the slower you kill”. 25% reduced cast speed is NOT just killing something 25% faster. The slower you cast, your time to kill is increased EXPONENTIALLY.

The Snowball Effect:
You may get the feeling I am talking myself  (or you) in circles… Well, I am. And you’re running YOURSELF in circles by not taking advantage of decreased cast speed to suppliment your mediocre damage.
The longer you take to kill something, the sooner you have to heal, which compounds the time taken. The faster you cast damage, the less you have to heal. The less you have to heal, you kill even FASTER (and AP on healing murders your AP effectiveness when solo-grinding). The faster your heals can cast, the sooner you return to the killing. The sooner it dies, the more AP efficient you become due to being able to regen AP without taking damage at the same time… as well as not having to burn so much AP on heals. Heals reduce your damage far beyond the cast time. The AP loss is horrific when attempting to maximize quest/experience times.

Ahh, the snowball effect of having slower (or faster) cast speeds.

It is important to note that monsters in almost any MMO hit at a very consistant rate.

If an enemy hits you every .9 seconds, and you cast every 2, and the pushback is .3:

You begin cast, first hit simultaneous. .9 seconds in, you’re pushed back to .6
At 1.5, you’re pushed back to 1.2
At 2, cast fires.
At .1 of new cast, pushed back to start. Rinse and repeat. 2.7 seconds average cast time per spell.

Master rune of speed activated: 1.5 cast base instead of 2.0.

Begin, .9 to .6.
1.5 simultaneously hit.

We have an effective cast time of 1.8 vs 2.7

Suddenly, its not just a 25% cast speed reduction (yes its 25% not .25. Read my post), its more like 33.3% cast speed reduction (not including the reduced necessity for healing, at which point the kill time is reduced to a fraction of previous).

Try out your own numbers, it is far more effective than the 25% it appears to be. And as always, consider that which cannot be calculated (reduced necessity of healing, etc)


And one last thing to note: In solo grinding, you’re likely reducing your healing by 25% to increase damage by 33% (via tactics). The lack of healing is more dramatic than it appears. Include the standard cast times vs the reduced with Speed, and the push backs… if it comes down to you having to heal, you’re burning QUITE a bit of AP on healing, and probably using more than one heal to keep yourself up and running.


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