Contribution – Consistently Top Via Nonparticipation

Following up from My previous post regarding Contribution.
Apparently Drakorn beat me to it on The Greenskin’s Comments though. That is basically what I was going to say, but I will go into greater detail and include some bugs and issues.

Disclaimer: Don’t blame me when all your healers go afk outside of keeps until the keep lord because of this post. You asked for it. You demanded it.

Please continue testing TANK variables as I have not tested them fully. Things like being in the main warband, or coming in from the start (or just for the keep lord) may affect results. I have narrowed down healer variables already and have done no testing for pure DPS classes.

I’ve kept a secret from you. How many times have you read about ‘the guy who came in at the last second and got 500’? Well… I do it. Every. Time.

Yes. I’m ashamed and I’m sorry. Over a month ago, I broke the Contribution System. I could CONSISTENTLY pull 450-500 contribution by standing OUTSIDE of the range of the keep (doesn’t show status) and having someone tell me the % that the door is at. Now, so long as I dont enter the area(where the keep goal appears on my screen), or get into combat, this succeeded.

In response to some remarks at The Greenskin:
I havent exploited. I have chosen to not participate because it is in better interest of getting loot. would I be an exploiter for speccing rune of fortune to likewise get high contribution at the expense of the keep raid? Doubt it.

“But your gear is horrible!” Thank you to Heartless for pointing this out. My healing gear consists of 3 high level 20 pieces. Sounds bad, but it also has 7% crit to my healing… simply AMAZING and CRUCIAL in oRvR. It also has a Willpower set bonus. It is best to understand my gear before criticizing it. I would need MORE than 2 pieces of Keep Gear to compensate for 7% crit lost in RvR circumstances. My overall stats give me willpower nearly equal to a runepriest in level 40 blues, with more health and far more healing crit.

Anyway… Someone would alert me as the second door reached roughly 5%. At that time, i would ride in, run to the keep lord, and begin spam healing. In larger groups I would reach this point with the Keep Lord under 50%. EVERY TIME, I would get the top 3. I use Master Rune of Speed for this. I avoid HoTs as I am aiming for optimal healing per second in just a few second’s span. Mending is occasionally used if I am racing to top someone off. I never EVER join the keep warband. That seems to hamper my results every time.

The pure consistant nature of this (works every time if executed correctly as a RP) indicates that this is NOT a RNG (Random Number Generator). While there is a bug that causes your contribution to carry over to a second keep in the same zone, that does NOT mean that it is some randomly generated number.

Things that cause issues with contribution:

Tanks: having the keep lord taunted off of you resets your contribution. No taunt-off, decent contribution. Taunt off late, bottom. The opposite is true if YOU taunt. If you use my method and when you hit the top and instantly taunt just before the Lord dies, you will get nearly the top of contribution.

Rune Priests: Rune of Fortune. You heal AND damage in 1 cast. Combine with Master Rune of Speed, you’re looking at 1.5 cast time. This likewise consistently puts me at the top, but only if I use it from the time of the first gate. 

Healers being in the warband seems to hamper contribution, especially through my method.

tank classes who are not tanking, but guard a high-dps class, seem to gain additional benefit to contribution.

Occasionally, contribution carries over to the second keep in a given zone.

These tests (which produce consistent results) lead me to believe that it is a Per Second system. I do not have sufficient testing to back that detail, but that is my assumption on how my methods lead to my results. Threat/Damage/Healing per second, devided over the entire time you’ve spent at the keep. Good in theory, but if I hit the keep at the last second, get in combat for 5 seconds, crit 3 heals… I am looking at over 1000 healing per second over my entire time at the keep.

So NO, it is NOT a RNG. Where some people get these theories boggles my mind. Yes, I’ve broken the system, and yes, i am consistently on top. Sorry Mythic, I’ve told the world. I was holding it in, but false information passed as fact just kills me. If you’re a rune priest, try it out. ONLY USE DIRECT heals. Your goal is huge healing per second in a very short period of time, and I guarantee if you follow this to the letter you will get some high contribution.


Thank you to Blicks, Swagglin and Aismal for your assistance in testing my theories over the last month or so.


11 Responses to “Contribution – Consistently Top Via Nonparticipation”

  1. ThinkTank Says:

    This is all very interesting – I’m feeling somewhat less skeptical now.
    Any chance you could post a video showing this in action?

    There is general agreement that something is definitely wrong with contribution. This may be just one more theory, but thanks for taking the time to test this out and then post your results.

  2. rpthatway Says:

    I dont know that my computer can handle FRAPS and WAR. I have to run graphics on minimum in large fights… but, for the sake of furthering theories towards fact, I will install it tonight and give it a shot next time I am on the Rune Priest.

  3. Even armed with this information, I still didn’t deviate from my normal keep-taking activities last night. I guess for some people a bag isn’t worth the loss of self-respect. I noticed my bonus to contribution were identical in both keep sieges which still doesn’t make sense but I did place 32nd and 1st in the rolls so I was able to score a bag at least and got a second piece of Annihilator’s for my IB.

  4. To me loot is meaningless. Crushing order under my heel means everything.

  5. rpthatway Says:

    Self respect – You speak strong words.

    I see the horrendous system Mythic has put in place as the problem, pulling 25th for healing my butt off, and demeaning in and of itself. Then I watch that other guy who came half way through getting the top? Or that level 32 with 400 contribution? I think not.

    Yes I have sacrificed my ‘self respect’ in the interest of getting a bag. And with WELL over 100 keeps and zero set pieces, and two gold bags (one of which was bugged and gave me silver)… I am more than willing to do that. And like I said, it came pretty much to a hault after the 3 gold bag system as I have not even played the priest much since that change.

    I’m sure that makes it much easier for people to say “I dont care about the loot” when a gold bag is not 1 in 5 keep runs, where only 1 gold appears.

  6. Sorry if it came across so strongly. I was, of course, speaking purely for myself. I do realize there are people who wouldn’t even consider this a matter of self-respect.

  7. No way, you bring forth a good point.

    I just rationalized it through the lack of loot and horrid rolls in my past. Its all a matter of perception.

    For instance, if I got more credit for healing than the guy who is level 32 and came in for the second door, I would do it legit and accept my fate.

  8. […] spoke at fair length about RP That Way’s post regarding contribution, and Paul Barnett’s Podcast on YouTube regarding a flaw in the ‘tie-breaker’ […]

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    I just finished reading the upcoming Patch 1.1 notes. Quite a patch, I say! I’m going to list some random notes that catched my eyes. If you’ve got enough time to read the whole patch note, I’d recommend you to do so – it’s wort…

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