For Honor & Pride – WAR “Dueling”

I found some VERY interesting information at Wizards & Wenches this afternoon.

Definitely visit WnW for the full story, but more or less Mythic has vaguely condemned predetermined fights. It sounds to me as if the rules are as follows:

It is not to be planned in secret between x and y groups/players.
Other players are not to be discouraged from participating in any way.
There is to be no attempt to force it between certain members alone.
There is to be no standing around attempting to prepare the fight. RvR should be engaged on sight and not organized.

Interesting, and I guess I understand to an extent… But Mythic really should and MUST understand by this point that people crave competition and renown (not the points). People want to be known as and labeled the best… and as it stands now the only tool is Most Renown & Scenario Wins.

Sorry, anyone who brings that up and declares “See, I’m the best!” get laughed at. I’ve seen it first hand. And perhaps rightfully so, perhaps not. People want to measure their ability.

Why not 6v6 then? I could think of only a handfull of reasons aside from those listed at WnW:
1) Class balance is not intended to be on a small scale. The day this is demanded of mythic is the day this becomes WoW and the offensive-CC is to the degree that there is no hope of strategy or survival in large-scale ORvR.

2) It is one step towards Arena, and then not only does that create the problem listed above… but if you have a competitive Arena system then Gear becomes involved. Try offering gear for small scale RvR and then refusing to balance your game around said small scale.

3) “kill trading”. When people are allowed to congregate in an organized manor, it will only be a short period of time before it is twisted into something such as kill trades. MMOers are known for finding any way possible to squeeze every last drop of reward from any in-game encounter.

What do we want from Mythic? I think most people would agree that some sort of predetermined group duels or arena with NO reward would be suitable. People likewise want to be able to face off against their own realm, “for honor”. It also greatly assists in learning how best to play your class in a given situation. However, we then have a recurring issue. People will complain about their class because it cant od this or that in small scale or 1v1 duels.

No matter what you give them, they will never be happy.


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