Knoxious Guild of Dark Crag

I have recently begun playing with the guild Knoxious. I had my initial doubts. I have for 10 years been a firm believer in small guilds with power-players and a tight core. WAR is different. You must think differently to succeed. Numbers are essential. To say they are a large guild would be inaccurate. Some may call them a ‘zerg guild’ for having enough members to hold their own in zones. Fact is, while they have a large amount of members (due in part to 6 alts a piece), they do filter their membership.

I will not write a paragraph defending them against your possible opinions… Just know that I have yet to play with someone I consider incompetent. I also thoroughly enjoy the company of every member I have spoken to at any length. Knoxious is currently a force to be reckoned with, and the only one with potential in and of itself put a stop to a much larger Destruction army. They maintain individuality of opinion while simultaneously rallying around their Guild Leader in whom they hold full faith.

They also have a solid population of very active swordmasters, all of which are constantly discussing theories, masteries, and opinions. I do believe that of this group will emerge amongst the best RvR tanks on the server, due simply to the fact that they are so open-minded and generally smart about their class.

In any PvP-type MMO, a ‘General’ of sorts eventually emerges. In WAR on many servers this person has already come to be. On Dark Crag, a bright wizard named Krafts has emerged as one such person. I have watched him in recent days, calling orders and encouraging players, developing and executing some of the best strategies that can be had on such a large scale as Dark Crag sees. It is apparent even to a blind man that he holds at least a fair degree of respect amongst the playerbase. The general presence of argumentative and unruly players is obviously quite uncommon. Should things continue along such a path, there may indeed be hope for Order on Dark Crag.

So if you play on Dark Crag Order, keep an eye out for Krafts. Trust him, for his strategies are solid. In times like these a single voice is absolutely critical. Follow him, and you may be surprised at the result. And keep an eye out for < Knoxious >. You may just see me manning the front lines.

This is a turning point for Order.

< Knoxious >, thank you for restoring my faith in WAR.


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