Update of Recent Events

So, I have been playing my Swordmaster recently, and to say that my Rune Priest has gone on the backburners would be a horrendous understatement.

I have logged on Convert the Rune Priest for all of 3 hours in the last week. Most of this was testing out Sigmar Crypts. They were semi-disappointing. We downed two mini-bosses and one main boss with minimal effort. I secretly experimented and found I can heal the entire instance to this point using ONLY my group heal, and standing out of line of sight at that.

By the time we got bored and stopped, I got the Sentinel Runesash. Interesting item with a horrid 60-something intelligence set bonus. Great base stats, though. Oh, and last night we took a keep (12 man) in which I finally got a high enough roll to augment my contribution into a bag win. Luckily, I didnt even have to rig it. Seeing as how it was so few of us and all grouped, I was able to keep consistent heals up the REAL way. From this bag I recieved my Annihilator helm. Sadly it is stuck green, so I was forced to re-dye and match my colors accordingly. No more purple for the Rune Priest! That does however add up to 3 pieces and I am now wearing them all in hopes of a 4th for the amazing 5% healing crit bonus.

Anyway, Helik is now Rank 28 with Renown Rank 26. I acquired his Devastator chest piece the other night with Knoxious, though I am a level short of wearing it. I am hoping (but doubting I can) to push him into mid tier4 before the 1.1 patch and release of Influence. The swordmaster population of ACTIVE (not waralytics.com) players has skyrocketed since the change to Ironbreakers. I do have a 40 Ironbreaker at my disposal (I intentionally didnt mention a name, sometimes a guy needs privacy!), and the grudge nerf actually places way more skill in my own hands.

The scenario I see more than 1 ironbreaker in is a surprising one. Generally, there are actually none. Not only that, but there are actually usually 3 swordmasters including myself. I initially rolled the class to be one of a few, but it appears that will no longer be the case. I remember the early days on Convert (Rune Priest), when there were NO swordmasters and an awefully high amount of Ironbreakers.

Strange how much faith people put in forum complaints, and how the smallest adjustment to a class can send people into a doom-saying and rerolling spiral. I enjoy the Swordmaster play style, and thus I will probably always play one. I am already developing strategies and testing specs and theories for oRvR.  I will post on my results over the next few days, but thus far the class offers such a great degree of versatility that I feel appropriately specced and with proper use of all abilities, I can win nearly any fight.

Target will be small scale or solo RvR.
Style will focus on the swordmaster specialty: Damage prevention.
Mastery will focus on covering a tank’s weakest point: Defeating healing archetypes.

I will gradually begin to release my theories, opinions, and results as I continue into Tier 4.


4 Responses to “Update of Recent Events”

    • Interesting, I will have to watch it. I’m not sure if I should be worried or excited! And I can’t see it from work… I’ll probably head home for lunch just to see. Hah.

  1. I’m excited to see what you come up with!

    • No doubt! I should be writing a few posts by opposing class fairly soon. Probably just a couple opponents at a time, however. Also, I have the low level disadvantage… more of the lack of abilities than anything… If it becomes too problematic, I will keep it general until 40 then discuss specific 1v1 theories.

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