Leave Us The (MMO) Alone!

Last night I was running with Knoxious, plowing keeps and defending them where destruction could be found. We first took the Northern keep in Praag. We plowed the southern and as the second door fell, in came a guild who’s name I will not mention. At the last second, they helped us finish the Keep Lord, taking two of the gold bags and most of the others. No complaints from us. After, we swept the area for any substantial destruction force. Finding none, we moved right along to Kadrin Valley to attempt to push them out of our territory.

The aboved unnamed guild was already in Kadrin Valley at a keep. We arrive at the first as the outer door falls. We come to their assistance, sweeping away a couple of destro who posed a very minimal threat. This is when I encounter a most interesting mentality.

“Get the (censored) off our (censored)s!!”. I can guarantee you that I am not censoring [Destruction, Wall].

Followed by “Yeah, quit riding our coat tails. (Guild I will not name) RUNS THIS SERVER!”

One of the only responses was Travesty (one of our lead officers) stating in very simple terms that we are just taking part in some oRvR.

This was, of course, met by a whole slew of “Get out of here you leechs” and “Learn your place, transfer guild”. Please note that Knoxious is far older and more deeply rooted than this guild. Vent burst into brief laughter, followed by our guild leader Medikal saying simply “Don’t reply to that”…

But not before I asked lamely, “What does MMO stand for?” This was of course answered eagerly by a member of the guild we will not name. “Massively Multiplayer Online!!!”. “Oh, ok.” I replied. That pretty much ended the complaining.

I suppose I just found it mildly entertaining that a guild thinks that they not only RUN a server, but because of such they have the right to tell a group of players to get the hell out of OPEN REALM VS REALM. In a game built around large scale open RvR, in a MMO. This is not even touching on the fact that if any guild runs any server, it is not them and not Dark Crag.

Am I wrong to be disgusted? Does a guild have the power to run a server, let alone rightly insist I leave ‘their’ keep siege in a MMO in Open RvR? Was I wrong in scoffing at such an idea? Is this the future mentality?

What happened to the good ol’ days, where people were scolded for such things? I remember when such mentalities would get you outcast from the community! What could have possibly warped the MMO community to such an extent?

I have my opinions, but I will not post them lest I am deemed politically (MMO-Politically?) incorrect!


10 Responses to “Leave Us The (MMO) Alone!”

  1. Report them and move on. Guilds like that don’t deserve any kind of reaction but neither should their behavior be tolerated. Behavior like that is definitely not one that Mythic wants to foster in their game.

    • Yeah, no doubt. I am sure someone did, but I was satisfied with making them feel foolish. Next time it will be a report 🙂

  2. João Carlos Says:

    IMHO… WoW happens.

    • You speak the thoughts of many people, Carlos.

      No need to get into the details of why, but many people feel that WoW has tainted the community.

      Not that I would have such an opinion. I am an unbiased blogger!! Hah.

  3. Asshattery is universal. There are just mechanisms in certain games that make it more obvious. 😉

  4. João Carlos Says:

    rpthatway wrote:
    “You speak the thoughts of many people, Carlos.

    No need to get into the details of why, but many people feel that WoW has tainted the community.”

    Teh problem is not WoW per se… or the imaturity of the WoW players. I think the problem is the model of the game, the instances. Every guild have its own raid zone.

    • For the most part and among other things, I completely agree. They will hopefully learn that this is not PvE. And hopefully some will grow out of the selfish greediness.

  5. João Carlos Says:

    By the way, when you will write something about the Knights of the Blazing Sun? I am having a blast playing one.

    And the destro are crying a river. Yesterday I killed two I found at the road, poor guys, they thought that they had a chance against my KNIGHT attacking me when I was alone (I play at an open RvR server).

    Knights can be overpowered, but we need be sincere, Order is under powered, not enough humand resources… or dwarf resources or elf resources. No enough cannon fodder. So, we deserve some advantage. Like an over powered tank that makes damage if you get near it (ops, that is a level 21 action “aura”).

    • Some may not agree too much with that Carlos. Unfortunately for your cause, many people enjoy and take pride in being the underdogs, and to balance it by making a class far too powerful is not what people are looking for (generally).

      I will definitely look into the Knight after my Swordmaster reviews. Tanks have probably the highest capability for solo combat of any class in the game. As I have mentioned before, high mitigation buys you the TIME to be a good enough player to overcome odds. You can be the best player in the world but if you die in 3 seconds, nobody will ever know. It is larger scale or higher levels where tanks become ‘part of the team’ instead of the dueling class that many enjoy playing. You simply do not put out enough damage to take more than 1 person if a healer is involved and that healer is skilled. This is where many people go wrong when they quit their Ironbreakers. Tanks are tanks, and if you want to play a tank then dont expect to produce smashing damage. Ironbreakers do the most damage out of the tanks, however. Not only that, but they are the best at doing what they do: TANKING in RvR. They protect their teammates like no other class in the game.

      I will touch on generalizations such as those when I review the Swordmaster, as well.

  6. You’re not wrong to be disgusted.

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