Need Your Input!

I asked myself a VERY important question this morning…

Can a Blogger Over-Blog the Blog-O-Sphere?

My Concern: That too many posts will swamp other quality content on my site. It seems that multiple posts in one day result in far fewer views on earlier posts. What are your feelings on this?  Those of you that have blogs, what is your experience? All input is valued input!


6 Responses to “Need Your Input!”

  1. Well there are different kinds of blogs. Some just post whatever comes into their head and usually has several posts per day, and others think just one every or every two day is fine. I am subscribed to several that update maybe once every two weeks, but those posts are usually really great.

    I think too many posts can be bothersome, especially if they all have zero substance and no thought. If you are really funny it might work (like BigRedKitty), but otherwise no. Personally I use 1 post per day, and maybe 1 post over the weekend when people tend to read less. If I got a good post that I want a people to read I can skip posting a day for it to stay up, or at least keep the next post very small not to push it down too far.

    • Very informative Regis! I appreciate the input. Most of the posts I am dying to write are very informative… A lot of tank break-downs to be specific, as of recent. I am dying to write my Small-Scale Swordmaster breakdown, and comparison of RvR tanks and roles (IB/SM/KOTBS).

      The problem being, I could probably put a good 2000 words into a SM/IB comparison and theory… will people even read that much? If not, should I split it up over two or even three days?

  2. Apparently people don’t read much anymore. In my opinion, that’s their loss; I’ll carry on using 10 words where two would do, and I don’t even have stellar theorycrafting to offer!

    As regards long, possibly dry theory articles though, you might want to either split them into parts or not do more than one a day — or even one a week. You can schedule posts to publish at a time of your choosing, so you can write them when you’re inspired and post them at a rhythm that won’t give your readers indigestion. 😉

  3. he number of posts is irrelevant, The quality matters. If you drown one very informative (or funny, or whatever your site’s intent is) post in 10 others that don’t lve up to it, you lose. 10 quality posts will be read, though.

  4. I’m not as savvy as other bloggers when it comes to game analysis, class guides, and stuff so I just try to post once a day or whenever I can. They can be any topic, with or without forethought. I don’t really intend for my blog to be THE destination of information. Just somewhere I can connect with similar-minded people.

    • I definitely share the thoughts of Shiro, though I also am borderline obsessed with theory and PvP strategy. I appreciate everyones input, it has been quite informative!

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