No Prisoners, No Mercy!

Two nuns go to Waaagh!

What am I talking about? We got mentioned in the increasingly popular “No Prisoners, No Mercy!” Podcast at VirginWorlds!! Which just so happens to feature two nuns discussing Warhammer Online (view their picture at the link!).

They spoke at fair length about RP That Way’s post regarding contribution, and Paul Barnett’s Podcast on YouTube regarding a flaw in the ‘tie-breaker’ system in keeps. I am not sure if the two are inter-connected or if my findings are just a breakdown of the system itself and its bugs/flaws, but he claims it will be working ‘as well as PQs!’ by the next patch.

Judging by the same bug of “participate late, and participate a lot” in PQs, I dont feel as warm and fuzzy as he likely intended.

He also manages to ball-chin the head developer with all the blame, who takes it like a champ! That makes the Barnett clip worth watching all by itself!  Heres a summary:

“Tell the good people of WAR you suck.”
“I suck like no other.”


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