Tankin’ Tuesdays

After the relatively large response via both blog and email in regards to doing reviews of several aspects of the Swordmaster (as well as requests to do so with the Knight and Ironbreaker), I have decided to assign a day to such posts.

Introducing: Tankin’ Tuesdays! What better way to alleviate the pressure of a new work-week than to learn a bit about that guy who saves your butt (or perhaps kicks it?) on a regular basis… They will be packed (or even overloaded) with theory, strategy, inherent flaws, weaknesses and strengths. If such posts bore you then I shall make them easy to bypass. I will mark these posts with [Tankin’ Tuesday] in the title (Or just note that its Tuesday).

The first posts will be “Introduction To…” with a medium-length post introducing each class and their basic roles and most effective positioning. I wont get into much more detail than that… you’ll have to wait till Tuesday!!

Patch 1.1a

I do believe that the 1.1a patch has changed things significantly for both Tanks and Healers. Lag in large-scale RvR has been massively alleviated. This patch has made me reconsider even playing my Swordmaster. I initially created him for his small-scale viability, but if keep sieges are going to be the wave of the future that we all initially expected… the rune priest is back! I rolled him with thoughts in my head of keep assaults, defense, ambushes and so on. That vision has not held true until recently. I will have to think on it however. It is not fair to shelf the Swordmaster just because because I am fickled by the new changes.

Tanks: The doors to keeps have been significantly shrunk to the point where two tanks can EASILY hold them now. However, this also makes it a murder-hole. We will find out who the real tanks are. This will also reveal who can stomach being that guy who has to run through a very narrow tunnel into a waiting force of 50 destruction. Tanking isn’t for everyone, people!!

Healers: The fact that keep doors (and your fragile bodies) can now be realistically defended with the keep adjustments in 1.1a makes defense not only far more viable, but far more fun for us!! I dont think people realized how much the very structure of keeps ruined class synergy as a whole. Healers are more crucial than ever before. More than ever before, you are essential to success.
-Rune Priests: Master Rune of Speed has been altered. It officially and effectively reduces the cast time of abilities by .25, instead of the 25% it had at one time provided. This dampens the effect. I am not sure if this is “fixed” or “bugged again”. But as it stands now – I will be swapping to Fury.

In other news, <Knoxious> cleared Sigmar Crypts on their first night. Congrats to the following members who participated: Download, Nettles, Krafts, Medikal, Renae and Convert (me)! It was a relatively simple clear with fair loot all around. It took 3 hours in total for all 3 wings; not bad for a first try.


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