Monday Blues

But at least the weekend was eventful.

Things went relatively poorly with my girlfriend who is back in town for December, which as many of you know can really affect how much fun you have in other aspects of your life.

Yet somehow I still managed to have a little fun in WAR. Aside from our main tank for Crypts announcing that he is taking a 1-month hiatus (minimum), everything went fine. Myself and a fellow Swordmaster named Rahman (Last name: Noohdles!) managed to pick up a healer and terrorize through Avelorn for about a half an hour.

We slowly worked our group into a warband and set out for the dwarf lands. We proceeded to sweep keeps there and on other fronts, before finally settling down in the original dwarf areas for a defense. Our guild took away probably a dozen gold bags (we had to re-cap a couple keeps) and almost the first reward from new RvR influence.

My Swordmaster hit 30 finally and I’m struggling to find the motivation to bring him to 40. Knoxious informed me that they’re recruiting tanks and I need to step it up so I can get ahead of the curve, so to speak. Meh!!

Any suggestions from you power-levelers? AoE group? Solo quest? Scenarios?

Tomorrow is our first Tankin’ Tuesday!! Don’t forget to check it out!


One Response to “Monday Blues”

  1. Build up a bunch of rested XP and go AoE grind kill tasks and PQs imho.

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