Of Pets And Fluff

Here is my cry to Mythic for the one thing we all want. The one thing they insist “now you dont REALLY want that, do you?” Well, yes,  we do!!

Ysharros, thank you for reminding me of hobbies nearly forgotten. I believe that I can safely speak for the majority. We want FLUFF!

We want pets that don’t do or mean anything and just look friggin-awesome flying or walking next to us!

We want to be able to dance and spit and sit and stand and lay down and make gestures!

We want more masks!

Hey, a pocket item that makes me fart green gas like 19 other pocket items is cool in a grade-school way. An item that makes me spew green gunk is neat. I’ll pass on neat. I want AWESOME!

A cape with pretty markings that in exchange has no stats… Warhammer.
A red mini dragon flying next to me that superbly matches my red armor… AWESOME.

Pocket item that makes a popping noise that only I can hear… STUP-… err… Warhammer!
A little tiny robot that just follows me around and makes weird noises when I click on it… AWESOME.

Refusing to dance… Warhammer.
Actually dancing… you get the idea.


5 Responses to “Of Pets And Fluff”

  1. Right 🙂

  2. I too missed dancing. And then I read this:


    Now, I don’t hang out on the Destro side of the game, so I don’t know if this is happening there. But I am suddenly glad there’s no dancing and fear it’s introduction. I have seen Not Much misogyny going on in-game, and I wouldn’t mind keeping it that way if possible. No idiots simulating lapdancing sessions in Altdorf = happier gameplay for women.

    I can support the introduction of fluffy wuffy bunny pets, because nothing can go wrong with bunnies. Nothing.

    • Hah! I must say, this is the best laugh I’ve had all day… A much needed one too, after a so-so weekend followed by the Monday Blues! I cannot view the videos from work but after reading the descriptions I can’t wait to get home and do so! Pathetic what people do.

      I can see it now: instead of screaming at your realm for blocking the keep door, everyone would just break into dance until they were able to move again.

  3. Those cute pets are maybe 95% of why I’m testing the WoW waters again — that and less painstaking PvE… and I miss my hunter, sad sap that I am.

    Back when I played WoW I never really managed to make much money and I didn’t have the patience to grind stuff forever (hence no @#*()@ black whelp for me), but this time around I know what I’m letting myself in for, and I’ll stay the hell away from stuff I don’t like, like instances and raids.

    In any case, it’s a 10 day free trial, what’s to lose? I did log into my old Icecrown chars, but they felt really weird and foreign, so I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them, if anything. I’ve never minded starting over, anyway. And if at the end of 10 days I’ve decided it won’t hold me, no harm no foul. In the meantime, it’s fun.

  4. They celebrate beer and fireworks but no dancing? C’mon.

    For my wishlist, I put in /dancing as one of my priorities. We need more customization, a way to differentiate ourselves from others.

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