World of War(censored) Calls

Thats right. I too have felt the tug of Blizzard’s newest expansion pack.

For those of you who don’t already know, I was once the hardest of the hardcore WoW players. I achieved High Warlord back when it was actually a respected achievement. I was in the top raiding guild on my server, and I hosted server-warsong tournaments which later involved the entire battlegroup.

The attraction of WoW to me is two-fold: Glory and Respect is easily earned due to the general populace lacking a general knowledge of the game… and the PvP is fluent and small scale. At heart, I am a competitor. The opportunity to conquer an opponent in single or small group combat is what drives me. The ability to simply outplay and dominate your opponent, and walk away with a measure of grace and respect, is what I pride myself in…

Perhaps WAR has yet to develop, but currently there is no respect. I am the only one to /salute or /bow to my opponents after a hard fought victory or even loss. The game also centers on an epic-scale warfare… which currently is a horrendously under-developed idea. Two doors, one flight of stairs, one pushover of a boss, and you have victory. There are no wall-assaulting siege weapons, no ropes or ladders, no destroyable entrances. One. Big. Doorway. On top of this, there is far less pleasure to be had from playing when your friends cannot.

I know it sounds like I am WAR-bashing, but honestly it is possible for me to find great pleasure in large scale battles. The solution comes in 3 parts:
1) Better than 5 FPS at the climax of the battle (fortress)
2) Depth to keep sieging… perhaps even make siege weapons WORTH USING!
3) Something I cant quite put my finger on but… Glory & Honor, I suppose. Maybe as simple as dueling? Something that allows players to separate themselves from the mass as ‘the best’. People crave this!

What does the dreaded WoW offer?
1) Versatility to EVERY class. If I am a healer and my friends are nowhere to be found, the answer is only a moment away. My class can be warped into something at least semi-fun to play alone or with players whom I dont know.
2) Glory / Honor / Respect. WoW players pride themselves in small or even single combat. Duels are huge. A player who wins and loses gracefully earns the respect of his enemy.

So why wouldn’t I just go back to WoW now? Because, despite the fact that it is considered ‘the easy expansion’, it is still a MASSIVE time investment. I would dismiss it as I do in WAR, but unlike WAR, gear in WoW is absolutely critical to success in almost every aspect of the game.

I cannot play a game as competitive as WoW, running around in trash gear and knowing that the only reason I lose many fights is the fact that I have not invested enough hours/days/weeks/months into the game to win. The requirement of gear in competitive PvP. That is what stops me from going back to WoW.

Has anything changed? Either way, please inform me of your WoW experiences should you have any. Is Heroic badge-farming, material farming, and reputation grinding? If so, I cannot bring myself to sink so much of my life into it. There is likewise no “Play casually” for me in a game like that. When respect and glory are on the line, I will sadly slowly begin to throw other things away to reach a point where I can compete with anyone in the game. Obsession, you could call it.

Please, post your opinions and experiences. I want to know. If things have changed, maybe I too will give it a small chance. If not, then I won’t be wasting my money on a game that requires so much time.


6 Responses to “World of War(censored) Calls”

  1. I found very little honour or respect in WoW PvP. We must have played on different servers. 😛

    I had a conversation similar to this with a friend last night. Basically, we’re both pretty fed up with WAR and talking about alternative MMOs we would consider giving a shot. Well, WoW came up because we spent a few years in Azeroth but after 15 minutes, we came up with about a dozen reasons why WoW was not worth playing for us any more.

    It’s funny how quickly we forget all the reasons we left a game, especially when we’re not satisfied in our current game. If I went back, I wouldn’t last a week, so I’ll just skip WotLK altogether and save myself the $50. 😛

    • I’ve definitely had similar conversations! Though not recently so perhaps I need a refresher…

      But out of curiousity, what games did you conclude with?

  2. Playing a Death Knight made a world of difference to me, its made all the bad parts of WoW bearable. I’m seeing alot of improvements to this point, but I will back up a bit to say that my DK is only 77 and at max level is where we all know that the rep grinding, battleground honor farming, etc begin. My opinions are likely to change, but I have been pleasantly surprised to this point. And like you, I tend to favor the small scale PVP as it feels more competitive to me.

    And yes, you were an animal to get High Warlord. I remember thinking back then that anyone that reached that rank was insane. But I have to admit that still today that rank has value as it is an ultra rare title that few in the game can display.

    • Almost makes me wish I didn’t sell the account, Br3ntbr0 =(

      I don’t know. Something tells me I should just try it early next year, when I actually have money.

  3. I was an avid WoW player. I was in beta, I loved the game for 5 years. Coming from a DAOC background, I enjoyed World PvP ALOT. But there just wasn’t enough of it to keep my interest.

    I remember on my Alliance Mage I would stand out in front of Tarren Mill killing everything in sight, just in the hopes the Horde would step up…usually no one came.

    Hell I had 5 70 toons. My Prot Warrior, and Mage were decked with BWL gear pre BC.

    Then BC changed everything, not so much for the good I think. Skill no longer mattered, it was all about the Gear. That’s what all Arena was to me, he with the better gear won.

    Though I wasn’t no slouch int he Gear department, by the end I felt like a Rat on a treadmill.

    WAR is more of a teamwork model, not gear or spec model, if you have the right mixture of classes you’ll win.

    I still play WoW, but when I go back I feel out of place…like I don’t belong here anymore.

  4. We couldn’t actually come up with any decent alternatives. Guild Wars 2 looks promising, but that’s some time off yet.

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