Cannoli & Egg Nog

Here I am at work, dipping cannoli in egg nog while musing about how fat I could become if this became a habit. At this rate, in a few short years I could be the most rotund, nutrient-deprived, unhealthy blogger in the entire blog-o-sphere!
So enormous, my fingers would perhaps become unable to press only one key on my keyboard at a time. So out of control that I’d need a voice-recognition system for playing WAR.

“Q!! R!! X X X!!!”

I might even have a stroke, forget I ever played WoW, and by some illusion begin to believe I fully enjoy large-scale open RvR.

But in my stroke-induced brain damage, I may forget about my blog, and my one or two dedicated readers…

No-can-do. I have a responsibility. To my reader(s?). In your honor, I am going to quit being lazy and start running again (Okay, so its only been a week since I stopped).

I’m putting my foot down… After this last cup of Egg Nog.Cannoli


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