Unmotivated, Uninspired

With my girlfriend back from school for Christmas, I feel obligated to spend time with her… all of my time. Not to mention she is relatively disappointed if I don’t. This leaves very little time for WAR. Only the few times she is with her friends do I actually log on.

With a polite ultimatum (get to 40 asap if you want to tank instances) from my guild, and a few weeks of bonus experience from Mr. Jacobs… I’m torn. I really need to play and take advantage of everything I can while I can… and at the same time I feel like I’m being selfish… What do you guys think? I’m not sure if its addiction or reality, but I also feel a bit like I need some space sometimes.

Oh, and <Knoxious> joined the largest (only?) Order alliance on Dark Crag last night. I cannot name the guilds off the top of my head, but among the alliance are the great majority of zone-lock leaders and conquest guilds (guilds interested in taking a city).

Happy slaughtering & merry Christmas.


7 Responses to “Unmotivated, Uninspired”

  1. I have the opposite problem. My girlfriend has more time to play WAR than I do, and although we started our toons together, I switched mains from a tank to a healer halfway through. So she’s at T4 (level 33 or so) now and I just cracked T3.

  2. Go to the store. Buy her a copy of WAR and a timecard. I play with my boyfriend… in fact, I play more than he does right now.

    But seriously: if she’s not a gamer I would just go hang with her. The game will still be there when she has to leave, can you say that much for a relationship if you spend all your precious time gaming? Feeling obliged to game defeats the point.

    • Both stories are very interesting.

      She used to be a ‘hardcore’ player on City of Heroes… She has told me stories about how horrid her addiction got. She didnt want to do much of anything. She couldn’t pull herself away from it. It was pretty much on par with my WoW addiction when I hit High Warlord. She played all the time.

      That is my only reservation about buying it for her. I dont want HER playing to ruin our relationship because she straight refuses to ever talk to me outside of the game, or go out, or fails her classes because of it. Scary stuff!

      Oh and she has a mac, but that is not a problem. I’d just get her the software that lets windows run on a Mac!

  3. Women are fleeting but Warhammer is forever!

    Hah, ahhh that’s sad. Hang out with her so much she gets sick of you, leaving plenty of time left for holiday gaming! 😛

    • I wish she would get sick of me, but I get the hugest guilt trip if I ever attempt to get some time to go home and relax by myself. Ugh.

  4. Just allot time for your girl and WAR in a way that she’d understand. If she really needs you to be with her, your guild should better understand.

  5. Then I would definitely take a break from game, because it sounds like you’re not enjoying yourself either way at the moment. And people are more important.

    Having said that… um, I did ignore my boyfriend today to do some of the Live Event.

    But I got my trophy!

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