Altdorf Invaded: Order Rallies, Destruction Cowers

Where to begin…

Destruction of Dark Crag invaded Altdorf this weekend. To the surprise of many, Order rallied to defend! At the opening of an invasion, PQ instances begin to open that hold well over 1 warband of players on each side. If there are enough, multiple open. Order rallied and repeatedly destroyed the destruction in the PQ instance “Altdorf 3811”. After about two hours, the destruction started to disappear and none more came in.

I figured they were either giving up or some bug was kicking them out…

WRONG! There were at least 30 destruction waiting outside the gates of altdorf waiting, all of whom were queueing ONLY the instance of Altdorf that had too few Order. The destroids who were in our game had logged out and back in queueing for another one that didn’t have enough order in it (full destruction vs roughly 4 order). Apparently that is the only way to not get instantly put back in to your original game. I have never been so disgusted with the cowardice of a population in my life. So the destruction farmed their empty instance for hours until an unexpected server reset.

Would you REALLY rather wait in a 3 hour queue for a rare shot at easy loot than instantly fight for honor and glory and pride?!  You know who you are, and YOU MAKE ME SICK! Farm your loot. Take it all. I don’t care. Make your excuses about tanking kings and wards and all that other crap. I’ve heard that for months. Face it, its all about the loot, and when you have the gear to tank, it’ll be about getting more loot for something else or a new character. GREED I say.

Mythic, this epic fail falls on you too. If an instance is outnumbered 20:1, CLOSE IT. Force them to enter an instance with a fight.

Anyway, Order gathered up to attempt multiple fortress assaults at at least 3 different poitns over the weekend (that I participated in), and every single time the zone would crash. I swear if they would fix that, order may actually see the inside of a capital city!

So this one’s to the Order. We honestly pulled together in our most desperate hour. Also to the prayer that one day WAR may see more Honor and Pride and less GREED.

In other news, Helik the Swordmaster is now 32 1/2, and the rested is ROLLING in with the most recent buff to rested experience gains. I placed #1 in a small T4 keep raid. Funny because the guild doing it refused to heal me because I was not a part of their guild. I was forced to retreat and drink a potion. By the time I was able to rejoin, he was dead… and I got #1. Hah! Too bad I then rolled a 92 and got 20th. Maybe people should stop the GREED and just play the game. Refusing to heal someone because they showed up at YOUR keep? Heres some news: This is massively multiplayer online WAR! If you don’t want other people showing up to conquer keeps because they’re ‘stealing loot’, you’re playing the wrong game.

Happy holidays.


4 Responses to “Altdorf Invaded: Order Rallies, Destruction Cowers”

  1. An epic battle followed by epic cowardice – but such tactics are spreading like wildfire. When joining roving warbands in T2 Ostermark I often hear “Oh, Destro’s all over Shadowlands, let’s go take the keeps they left in Barak Varr…” And so on. Why face the enemy when loot is easier when there’s no enemies around? That seems to be the mentality on both sides, it’s sad in a way.

    Shockingly, as much as I have clamored for ORvR I’ve been having some fun lately in Scenarios. Maybe it’s just my bad luck with PUG warbands that are just an unruly and undisciplined mob mixed with cowardice and greed but at least PUG’s in Scenarios have a clear goal to work towards and cowardice isn’t rewarded (except in Phoenix Gate I suppose…)

    I share your frustration, let’s hope that Mythic can fix zone crashes and nix the opportunity for Destro to queue into unpopulated zones when battling for capital cities.

  2. I was on one of those fortress assults also. We crashed twice and each time we came back in, had to takethe gates down again. Then the tides changed and Destruction rolled right to Altdorf with ease. Was not in the fortress defending due to jumping into the fight late and not able to get to fortress due to groups preventing straglers getting there. I did not see any zone crashes while thier assult. Could it be a difference due to zones being more stable? Destros BO zones are stable and Order zones crash due to over population. That would suck.

    Guess we can just keep defending and hope these lag and zone crashes are addressed.

  3. I do believe people lose heart, Griz.

    Its difficult to keep motivated and defend when every time you attempt to assault, your opponent is spared due to programmic failures.

    To defend against overwhelming odds, and see it succeed while knowing that even with the roles reversed you could not do so, is very discouraging. Keep it up Griz. As soon as they fix it, we are charging the Inevitable City!!

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