A Poem For Mark Jacobs

I’m down on my knees
Begging you please
Let us keep the xp’s!

Thats all I got! That is my epic-fail of an attempt to join Syp and Bildo in asking Mythic to make the experience bonus PERMANENT! A week ago, I was on the verge of headed to WoW… though I didn’t really tell anyone that my feelings were that extreme. But this bonus experience (especially while I’m so busy I can barely play WAR) is really helping me push along in what feels like a most miserable existence.

My thoughts on how long it should take in T3 and T4: The same as T2! In Tier 2, I had fun in scenarios, and I could drag it out for weeks in Mourkain Temple, or blow through it in a few days if I got bored. Perfect! It wasn’t too much, wasn’t too little. It was just right.

I rolled a Swordmaster because I, like many, initially made a class that wasn’t what I hoped (Rune Priest). Or it just didnt feel quite right. You don’t like your career, but the grind to 40 on a new one is just horrible. So you stick to a class you don’t like, preferring to try to find a niche than reroll. Eventually your unhappiness overwhelms you… but the longer you wait to reroll, the less likely you are to do it. So you just quit.

The leveling content is only fun once (to me). It wasn’t so bad the first time because I was with the curve and we were experiencing new things together. But now my friends are 40, and I want to join them… or the urge to join CoW on their server… but to play for months of boredom and misery to finally have the fun?


The fundamental flaw of leveling in WAR is that if you don’t like your class, thats it. You’re sutck with it. In WoW, people dont mind their class because every class can be warped into something completely different via talent points. In WAR, you are what you are, and trying to be something else by way of mastery will only result in you being mediocre.

Take something from WoW: Boosting experience gains will slowly become more and more important as the average level nears 40 and the people bore of your early content.


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