The Epic Journey To Individuality

Merry Christmas. I know I am waaay late, but I honestly hate Christmas for reasons you all probably dont care about.

Anyways, on to WAR!!

I have spent a great deal of time trying to track down a NPC I will not identify, in a zone I will not name, near a frozen lake I will not… errr… I’m trying to find a title! One that is very difficult to come across, from a NPC that rarely spawns and then automatically despawns, in a very strange and awkward-to-reach location.

I was thinking this morning (while at work. I work the day after Christmas) about what an incredible amount of time and effort (and money) people put in to looking unique.

People spend hundreds of gold on dyes. I heard somoene on Dark Crag paid over 500g for ONE black dye. I know I personally have spent probably 100g on dying my items, and endless hours looking for a shoulderguard for my Rune Priest that fit my style at the cost of stats!! I even have on occasion gotten angry when spotting someone who used my Rune Priest’s color scheme! I mean, I was the first, he has no ri-

Okay, I protective of my schemes sometimes. Luckily, every Swordmaster in the universe keeps their black and red colors on set pieces, or goes with all white. Individuality incoming!

And now here I am, spending hours and planning my lunch hours around checking this spawn, just for a title that most people will not even notice!

Whats the furthest you’ve gone in a MMO for the sake of individuality?


3 Responses to “The Epic Journey To Individuality”

  1. Ah, I remember individuality in an MMO. Coming up with my own neon themed color scheme in UO. I murdered a couple of people for copying my style, that’s probably the furthest I’ve gone for individuality.

    Sure, they could have just found the same color cloak, robe, kilt, sash, or shoes appealing. But, eff. them. It was mine first.

    I haven’t felt individuality in an MMO since UO, to be perfectly honest. I’m such a sad, grumpy old man in terms of MMOs 😦

    • Indeed it was a BIG deal in UO. People even earned the title of “Imposter” by copying well known players schemes. I mean, you were looked DOWN upon for making an attempt to copy someone. Many of us miss those days.

      And of course, the “Open PvP”, where you could indeed murder another player for being so disrespectful!

      Sadly, we are the old men of MMOs, grumbling about ‘the good ol’ days’ of glory and honor and respect and individuality of appearance and reputation. Now, all these new kids care about is their next piece of ‘epic lewt’ so they can look more like everyone else in their ‘leet gear’

  2. My god the coin I spent on Dye in DAOC, and WAR would make a gold farmer cry.

    In WoW we really didn’t have to much individuality, but I would always not show my helm in WoW as a tank. I just thought it cool to tank without the doofy helm on, like riding a motorcycle without a helmet.

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