Endgame: A Delay To The End

A thought came to me this morning…

What separates modern pay-to-play MMOs from the free ones of the past?

What I mean is, free MMOs are often centered around an endless grind of 150 levels. Games like Helbreath, Dragon Raja and Knight Online had the most ridiculous grinds only to be followed up by further grinds. Yet they were fun. Every tradeskill and combat skill was a grind. Yet we loved it.

The new MMOs are full of people RUSHING to the end of the game, only to demand more delay to the end of the game (dungeons, loot etc). And god forbid your level cap be something that takes longer than a week for the ‘hardcore’ to attain… players will unsubscribe in the thousands! Yet these free MMOs have held such loyal followings in their time. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a proponent of endless grinds of great bore, but we now fail to capture what once was. Once, these things were fun.

While WAR may have 40 levels, Helbreath would have 150. Surely I am not entertained by the 40 levels of WAR, despite Mythic’s best efforts. And the levels of Helbreath were even longer. The levels of Dragon Raja numbered as high as 500. There was also a very large ‘carrot’ at almost every level. Be it major advancements on current skills, brand new skills, stat points to distribute as you see fit… More importantly, appearance enhancements: To reach level 80 meant pure gold armor. To reach 100 meant wings on your helmet. 120 was a black-bladed “Knight” weapon. People looked up to, respected, and admired such traits. Why? Who knows! Why not now…

Perhaps we just game in a different age. Or maybe new MMOs have ruined us all, and gear is no longer anything to be admired and strived for; just another speed bump to be spat on in our rush to finish so we may once more cry “MORE ENDGAME!”.


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