Chivalry Is Voluntary

Thats right, folks! As much as Mythic has presented us with a nearly-perfect game, the MMO community of today will always find an easier way. Always take a short-cut. As much as Mythic has set the scene for epic battles of Generals and Heroes and Victory and Defeat, they cannot force us to follow their lead.

MMO’ers of today avoid glory and honor and chivalry in the pursuit of greed and selfishness and “progression”. Warhammer is FUN, but people don’t play Warhammer. They twist and warp it into something different. Warhammer is Glorious. Warhammer is Honorable. Warhammer is Chivalrous. The players on the other hand, are not.

A developer could create a flawless game, but can never force the players to play it. An endless web of checks, balances and counters must be implemented to steer players towards the intended goal. Glory must be forced by elimination of other options… but then, is it still Glory? Is a result still honorable if its preceding actions are motivated purely by selfishness?

Must these days truly be lost to us? I remember the days where I would step up alongside my guild leader in defense of my guild-mates under unlikely odds, scoffing at the probable loss of such petty things as ‘loot’ and ‘gold’. The outcome was a raging battle, always honorable, and occasionally resulting in glorious victory. I could charge headlong into the most unlikely of circumstances, knowing without turning that every single one of my friends would be on my heels. Even with more steep death-penalties than the gamers of today could grasp, we would do this.

These were the days when one sooner identified the cloak than the player.

Are such concepts now out of reach?


6 Responses to “Chivalry Is Voluntary”

  1. I sure hope not, man. My best gaming memories are all very similar to those you described defending guildmates, friends, etc…

    We did it for the sake of playing the game and being good at it, not for getting the best reward/time ratio possible. What good are the rewards if you don’t get to fully enjoy using them?

    I think I need to stop this comment where it’s at, or at least change the direction it’s going. Otherwise I’ll start to be known as the grumpy old man on your blog. Only chiming in to reminisce about the good ol’ days.

    It is pretty disheartening to read things like that, though. My jaw was considerably lower in altitude at the end of Syp’s article than it was when I started reading it. Situations like that are what made me regularly bring out the ignore stick in WoW, people on the losing side of a battleground clamoring for their teammates to “hurry up and lose,” as it is more efficient to do so.

    Okay, I tried changing the direction of the comment and failed. Grumpy old man, out.

  2. I totally agree with your vision of WAR. And it is. It would be interesting for Mythic to change the direction of the two sides into one that truly reflects their natures. Destruction is rewarded for being greedy and selfish while Order is rewarded for coming to the aid of their brothers in arms. I doubt it’s realistic to come up with a game reward scheme for that, but who knows, I still have faith in Mythic and what they will put out.

    I play almost exclusively with my friend and we are a knight and WP, respectively, the epitome of glory and honor and chivalry. We have had some epic scenario battles, (only because I cant do WB v. WB in orvr really), where the two of us hold off a pack of opposing players for a while before succumbing to the sweet sleep of death, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Big ups to all the healers out there contributing to the epic experiences of the rest of us.

  3. I’m with you. Loot? Bah, I hit pass on nearly everything. Keeps with no defenders? I skip em, unless I think we can draw some out. Winning is the only reward I need.

  4. rpthatway Says:

    Indeed, thank you healers for sacrificing a bit of your own entertainment for the rest of the rabble (Yes, I’m rabble!)

    I’ll stand alone. And if you all come to Dark Crag, we can stand together. i would rather get train-wrecked alone than turd-out and squabble for loot with the masses.

  5. I remember the days of EQ and SWG when the guild was a family, friends, and people that you really liked. Then came WOW and that seemed to change, people stopped being selfless and replaced that with selfishness and sadly I think that is a huge void in many games. In fact the guild I am a member of in WAR where shocked when I started a guild vault with all free talismans, or spent hours power leveling lower level guys, but as the weeks have passed, those have rubbed off. Instead of buying curos now people put them in the bank. When someone gets annihilator boots, or sentinal/darkpromise belts they dont get sold, they are given to members in need. This is slowly bringing back the good ole’ days when guilds where a family and not a collective of self righteous solo’ers

    • rpthatway Says:

      I’m quite impressed, Enslaver. I tried to do something of the sort with my first guild (collection of old friends) before they returned to their original games & the remainder split to other guilds. In fact, it was a talisman/curio and later item holder, open to all guildmates… just like yours!

      Perhaps I’ll have to get it restarted.

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