WAR: Age Of Blogging

The Blogging Community has gathered together under a joint New Years Resolution. To recruit YOU to write!

The Warhammer Blogging Community has recently lost some of its most beloved names to a variety of issues. It is time for YOU to rise up! The WAR Blogging community is known for being supportive, and we have worked hard to be labeled as such!

Starting a blog is NOT hard. You simply visit a site like WordPress or Blogger and register! Syp has actually taken it upon himself to write a Guide to starting your own blog, but it is really no harder than opening a new email.

And what kind of community would we be if we didn’t throw you traffic? A number of established bloggers have given their word to get your name out there, read, link and encourage traffic to visit you! All you have to do is make a blog, and get up 3-5 interesting posts to solidify your site! Once you have a few posts, make yourself known HERE! Here are just some who have promised to send you traffic!

Five excuses you have probably made for not starting a blog even though you want to:

  1. “It takes too long to get steady traffic” A huge list of bloggers are going to send you traffic.
  2. “I don’t know how to make one” Syp wrote a GUIDE for you!
  3. “I don’t have time to write daily” One of my favorite blogs writes once a week.
  4. “I don’t know what to write about” Most bloggers have been inspired on posts by other blogs. You don’t need a mission statement. Just write on what you want: Fact, theory, story-telling, lore, life, love, hate, drama or anger! It really doesn’t matter. Make it interesting, and the people will read!
  5. “I’m not good at fluffy wording” You dont have to be as elegant as Ysharros to have a blog. Besides, it comes with practice… So start practicing!!

I feel this mission is so important, that this will be my only post until Monday. Open your blog and get to writing! Then make it known!! See you in the ‘sphere, future bloggers!

If you have a blog already and are not on my blog-roll, drop me a link and I will most definitely take a look!


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