Social Experimentation

My last post, as you know, was in part a poorly written rant about some failures of WAR, but also an experiment.

After regularly pulling 10+ reads a day via google on my “Cannoli & Egg Nog” post, I decided to write a post featuring several things I felt people may be searching for. Surely they are not THE most popular searches, but hey…

The result? its 11:00am and I have 20 direct opens on Porn Religion Obama Warcraft Iraq Top10 News Batman Poker Jessica Alba Brittany Spears Implant. Now, this is not a lot in the whole scheme of how often my site is visited… but the fact that that post was directly opened seems to indicate that people are finding it via other sources.

See, all of my posts may be read by simply visiting the main site. Opening the post itself is not required to read. And since most of you dont comment (I wish you would!), many of my posts remain unopened.

Will Porn Religion Obama Warcraft Iraq Top10 News Batman Poker Jessica Alba Brittany Spears Implant come to rival Cannoli & Egg Nog? Time will tell!!


5 Responses to “Social Experimentation”

  1. “And since most of you don’t comment (I wish you would!), many of my posts remain unopened.”

    I’ve come to realise a few things about commenting, in the enormous span of time I’ve spent doing my own blog. /face_straight

    First, the more you WANT comments, the less you’ll get them. It’s like the spawn law of MMOs, only for blogs.

    Second, and this is IMO and not general wisdom: don’t write specifically to get comments. Be Zen. Write what you’re passionate about — it may attract comments, or it may just attract the crazies, so make a tinfoil hat first. But at least you’ll have talked about stuff YOU care about — which is a good thing, since it’s your blog.

    Third, if you really want to get comments you need to spark a discussion. That means asking questions rather than making statements (or at least being open-ended to some extent). I can occasionally do this on purpose, but most of the time it just seems to happen — and oddly enough, posts I thought would get totally ignored end up getting some really lively and insightful comments. Good fun.

    Fourth, if you’re dead keen, you can go the whole-hog polemic route which to me seems only slightly less slimy than forum-trolling. Overt polemic (as in, “I’m being intentionally controversial about this to prompt you lazy bastards to come and give your opinions”) isn’t so bad if it’s not overused. Constant badly-disguised polemic (and I won’t name names), where the content is ridiculous or outrageous just to make people come over and say “Dude, you’re full of s***” is just another sad plea for attention. Again, IMO.

    Fifth, make sure commenting is as easy as possible within the limits of spam-filtering you’re willing to put up with. Mine’s (finally) set up to require a name and email and that’s it, and with Akismet that’s actually enough to let people comment without letting anonymous poopyheads come and grief my blog. (Dashboard, Settings, Discussion)

    Last but not least, blogs are only marginally for validation. Seriously — we don’t know each other, we aren’t likely to be able to be there for each other if the RL crap hits the fan. We’re acquaintances and often good friends, to the extent online life allows it, but we don’t define each other. Neither should we.

    I’ll stop being all deeply philosophical now. 😉

  2. I’m really enjoying this experiment.

  3. My thoughts on comments – I don’t care what you people think LOL! j/k

    I write for me, I love it though when someone shows me a new way to think, and proves me wrong. But I could write, and write and not get a single comment or view.

    I believe I’m like a new age street preacher from a bygone era, it would be great if you stopped and listened, but if you didn’t I’m still going to scream fire and brimstone until my voice is hurt.

    @Ysharros – I love getting all philosophical, and deep. Which I might do soon. Thanks for the idea.

  4. It’s called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Those keywords are highly searched by people online and they will eventually get opened directly from Google or some other search engine.

    By using SEO keywords, you’re making it easier for the audience to find and read your blog.

    On commenting; I could care less but I like how it gets funny and totally off-topic at times.

    • rpthatway Says:

      Very interesting Shiro! I’m going to have to continue naming my entries off-topic names to get more hits 😉 haha.

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