Blogroll “Foofery”

HIGHWAY ROBBERY! I’m directly ripping off said “Foofery“. Thanks Ysharros for the idea!

If you aren’t on my blog-roll and I’m on yours, let me know. I know I’m missing some of you! If you read my blog and are not on my roll, likewise tell me.

Leave a comment or email me at: warrior504th -a-t- hotmail. 

If you’re a part of the Age Of Blogging effort, I’m working on adding you and also writing up a post but I’ve been very busy. Give me a couple more days!


4 Responses to “Blogroll “Foofery””

  1. Incoming Pull just started up but has you on its Blogroll. Keep up the great work, mate.

  2. Working on it is not good enough, I want on your blog roll! ;). LOL, no worries, just thought I’d say hi!

    • rpthatway Says:

      I’m pretty sure Dickie is from Rainbow MMO! I’m a new but loyal reader of that one. Quite enjoyable! Shame on me for not making time to add it to my ‘roll – super busy!

  3. Then Dickie, you need to give us linkage! 😀

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