Alt-a-holism or Obsession?

I have a confession

My first character was a Disciple of Khaine. I didn’t get him past 10 before I rerolled order with friends. I had already decided that I did not enjoy the class, anyway.

When I rolled my Rune Priest, it looked amazing. Every ability appeared to fit perfectly into my ideal niche of entertainment. Sadly, I became unhappy and started considering what class I wanted to play INSTEAD (not in addition to) around rank 35.

When I rolled my Swordmaster, I was so excited to log in that it was almost pathetic. I loved the design, the style, the skills and possibilities. Yet somehow, I have recently become unhappy and likewise started browsing at other classes that may suit me better…

Alt-o-holism or Obsession? I really don’t know. Losing the spark or getting impatient? Is this a guise to cover up my addiction to new characters? I don’t believe so, but perhaps. I keep telling myself that I’m looking for a class that more suits my playstyle, and the one I’m playing just doesn’t…

Every time I’m on the verge of this class or that, I change my mind. Fall further behind on Renown, and spend another month without playing with friends? *Sigh*. I tell myself that I have to invest enough time into the game to have a properly equipped character. The ideal situation would be to have one of every character played through 40, but we all know I’d quit long before then.

Should I resign myself to the fact that I just enjoy leveling alts? Or try the Stealth Class? Am I looking for something that does not exist in a true ‘group’ game? Perhaps the Engineer is an optimal choice. Low population, highly versatile, amazing duelist. Or perhaps I am too quick to judge the Swordmaster, and should play it out until I have enough gear to make a real decision.

/head explosion


5 Responses to “Alt-a-holism or Obsession?”

  1. CalvinMonk Says:

    When I started my Witch Hunter, I decided I wouldn’t make an Alt, or rather, I decide I would make it as long as possible without making an Alt. My theory behind this was once I start throwing around different alts, usually means I’m getting tired of the game.

    Around Mid T2 I rolled an alt to play with my wife (who ended up not liking the game and that character, an arch mage, never made it very far). Since then, I have made an alt of nearly every class, and my Witch Hunter is nearly 40, although quite far behind on Renown. Nothing has yet compared to Witch Hunter for me. But, I’ve always played melee dps.

    Off Point, classes start to show there strength more after 10, so give it time.

  2. I think I’ll be giving up reaching the level cap on any MMO to come, for two reasons:

    a) I *love* change / diversity. Playing the same char all the time is kinda boring (because frankly, you mostly push the same sequence again and again). It’s better in PvP than in PvE, really, but still. Some games don’t exhibit that – GuildWars comes to mind, immediately, mainly because skills are very situational and the pace is quite fast.

    b) Endgame started to annoy living hell out of me. Grind, grind, grind. I don’t care for grind. The fun/time_invest ratio gets smaller and smaller with every level. I just stop somewhere and create another Alt. And when I reach that point with all Alts, it’s time to hop to the next MMO.

  3. I’ve gone through quite a few classes. I’ve found most of them quite fun up until the 20s, where my enjoyment always seems to go downhill. I think for me advancement seems to turn from an enjoyable experience to a grind around that time, and I loose interest and start yet another character.

  4. I’d say you simply have a certain form of playstyle. You may not fit into one niche class, but you just like playing the game. In WAR it could be a great thing with the way the game is tiered and how each tier contributes.

    I have multiple 20’s. But I know (from experience in other MMO’s) that for me, it’s just a matter of playing most of the classes until I find that one that I say YUP thats it. Right now im running a Marauder and loving it. I figure I have about 2 more weeks and then I make the descision to stick it out with him, or go back to the Warrior Priest full time.

    As long as you have fun, keep rolling. =)

  5. I’m the absolute same. I never have posted or read blogs but it’s so true. I had so many alts I had to delete one to make another. 8 on destro and now I’m on order with 6

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