Second Job

I’ve been horribly neglecting my blog over the last 5 or 6 days, I know. I would apologize, but in reality I’m quite proud! I played WAR this weekend like a full-time job and got Helik to Rank 40. He ran his first instances sunday night (Warp/Sewers) and is scheduled to run a Sigmar Crypts tonight! Now that I’m done playing ridiculous chunks at a time, I can tend to my sorely negelected blog!

Recently, has begun collapsing due to lack of leadership… The alliance disbanded, the guilds members are starting to disappear (to other games, presumably). However, like my Knight In Shining Armor (lame I know) transferred from hochland. By pure coincidence, my last two guild leaders from hardcore raid guilds in WoW are both in this guild, along with a few other friends with whom I’ve played mmos for years!!

Good stuff. has a solid core of RvRers with enough quality players and gear to run Lost Vale on a regular basis.

And props to Frostasia’s RvR group a few days back. We got into a bugged Altdorf PQ when the city was under siege, and though bugged and outnumbered 2 warbands to 1, we managed to crush our opponents. After they finally gave up and left, we began joining random instances with zero order and 48 destruction, smashing them one by one. Finally a little honor and self respect around here!


3 Responses to “Second Job”

  1. Gratz on 40! I just got to 40 this weekend too!

    Now I can focus on gear and renown! 😛

  2. Grats! Everyone seems to ding 40 but me.

  3. Woot, congrats!

    Btw Regis, I am WAY less likely to hit 40 than you ever are, so you can rest in the comfort of knowing there’s always a bigger slacker than you. 😀

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