Jamie Holts Wants My Big Long…

Blogroll!! What did you think I’d say, PERVS?!?!

Apparently someone named “Jamie Holts” left 22 comments on  “Porn Religion Obama Warcraft Iraq Top10 News Batman Poker Jessica Alba Brittany Spears Implant“, each one individually talking about how amazing, informative and entertaining my blog is, and how she reads it every day, loves it, loves me, loves you guys, etc…

She also suggested we exchange blog-rolls to increase traffic. I somehow think this is not a great idea. I accepted two of them initially since they were rather believable… then scrolled downt o find the other 20.

God Bless Experiments.


3 Responses to “Jamie Holts Wants My Big Long…”

  1. Heheh. Funny though.

  2. Jamie is cheating on me *sniffles*

  3. I visited her blog and saw her photo. I’d be happy to give my big long…

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