Helik The Annihilator

< Hate > did quite well for Dark Crag last night. We had a warband in a ~5 warband on ~3warband battle for a keep, outnumbered by destruction. With excellent timing and coordination, < Hate > repeatedly struck from postern doors, killing several destructoids and drawing even more from the main entrance. On our 5th or 6th strike, we had overextended, cornered, and death was absolutely certain…

Then something that both shocked me and made me proud occurred – Order poured out from the door and jumped from the walls, following our charge. They blind-sided the enemy force, and before we knew it destruction was in full retreat!

We had won the day. Our momentum carried us to lock down Eatine.

Later that night, < Hate > gathered about half a warband to defend a second assault on Eatine. The dozen players we had was unable to stand up to a force of well over 100 destruction, so we fell back to the fortress and called for reinforcements.

A few guilds responded… Most notably < Ruin >, the Giant of Dark Crag. Though usually they alone field quite a force, they were able to roughly match us here with another dozen players. We picked up a warband of randoms along the way.

By the time destructoid army had shown up, they had swollen in size to at least triple our new force. After having to ditch a north-gate scrap due to a supporting destruction force coming to their assistance, we fell back to the fortress for the final dig-in. Thanks to the quick-thinking of < Hate > officers, we set up not only a thin tank wall on the ramp, but also one at the door leading outside.

The destruction hit, and it reminded me of a scene from 300. Up they come. Hundreds. Swarming. They smashed into our tank line and stopped dead in their tracks. We held the line and threw up challenges as I hit my rank-4 defensive morale. The few that penetrated were quickly cleaned up by the Fortress Lord.

After several minutes of pounding, they finally pushed a hole in our line. In they came, streaming to the lord. We managed enough control to where the lord and our casters were picking them off; Knowing they were fighting a losing battle, they attempted to secure their own tank line outside… where they smashed straight into the < Hate > outer tanks. Myself and a few guildies prompty thew several over the walls, including a guild group of 5 gathering on a siege pad. We turned back to the lord to find that inner-wall was being pounded but had re-established their line.

They came back once more for a half-hearted final attack… They actually spent most of the time gathering, standing, and presumably arguing before order decided to leap and sweep and mop them out of our territory. Needless to say, the renown gained from this as well as the new renown/influence ‘ticks’ added up to HUGE gains for time invested.

I’m proud of this guild. They have taught me that WAR is really what you make of it: Who you surround yourself with, their outlooks, their goals… WAR is about community.

A couple chained defensive morales, a few well-timed Guards, some awesome teamwork and coordination, and we successfully held the fort.


Later that night, < Hate > made a small (6-man) Kadrin Valley push. A group of equal destro showed up to defend, and while they tactically hit us from several angles, they couldnt stop us. We took the keep and I got my final piece: the annihilator helmet and the title “The Annihilator”.

Interested in joining < Hate > of Dark Crag? They are currently accepting applications on their forums at the Hate Guild Website. Let them know RP That Way sent you, and for the love of god, APPLY CORRECTLY and FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS! They are selective, and if you say ‘im 4 sum fat l00tz can u do lost vaile?!’, it may hamper your chances of acceptance.


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