WAR: Age of Blogging, Mid-Month Rollout

Mid-month rollout is here! I know I’m late, but heres those whos blogs I’ve been reading and will be going on my Blogroll today. Great blogs all, with a couple of German/Czech blogs thrown in there for those of you who speak it.

I HEAVILY recommend you sign up for Google Reader to manage your blog-roll. Keeps you up to date on all of your blogs new posts. Having all of these on your favorites, and trying to manage which only posts on weekends, which are daily etc? ROUGH. Trust me, once you go Reader, you dont go back.

In no particular order, I present to you the AOB Blogs of January 1-15, 2009:

Cabal of WAR – The blog for the guild, Cabal of War. Destruction on the Badlands server with a few writers amongst their ranks!
Skurmish – A general WAR blog that will occasionally focus on the Ironbreaker. Check this out, Ironbreakers!
Kiss My Bolter – Very experienced blogger with a current focus on WAR, though he anticipates Warhammer 40k.
The Weekend Gamer – A nice end-of-the-week wrapup. I dont read much on the weekends so I love this. A lot of content in less time.
Alt Much? – The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem! Though, do you want to give up your ALToholism?
Asuryan’s Flames – One flame you don’t wanna play with. Focus on WAR with some side projects – such as videos!!
One Side of the Fence – General WAR blog. A great place to express your own thoughts (second only to your own blog!)
Grumble and Mutter – Commentary, analysis and news! Dips into WAR novels & lore, if you enjoy it. I sure do!
Classy Gamer – Not 100% WAR – which I find refreshing due to a slightly differing perspective on things.
Cry Moar Noob – Discusses drama, questionable attitudes & actions. Drama is the spice of MMO-life.
Reroller – A blogging project attached to his own personal site! Some quality ranting. Know that someone out there relates!
From The Forging of Fire and Ice – Events on Ostermark Order & Phoenix Throne Destruction. Mix in a bit on mods & improvement thoughts and you have FTFOF&I! holy -…
Thats Skar With a K! – GET IT RIGHT, B-… err, dude! General WAR focus. Love the name
In the XOne – Member of CoW on Ostermark. Focuses on the ever-hated Witch Elf, and soon their counterpart Witch Hunter! Give him a break, its still in remodeling stages.
Tome of Gonna – Your source for Tome-Related information. Especially LAIRS! An areathat many of you have never touched!
WAR! For Casuals – The life story of a WAR casual, played out before your very eyes!
The Rant – Wait! It’s not all ranting. The journeys of a Magus as he struggles to pull-in as many Order as possible!
Schlotzky’s Game Blog – Currently WAR, but not dedicated. I heard he’s paying $500 to the first person to correctly phonetically spell his name. I give up.
Epic Slant – Gaming from the top of the food chain! A Guild Leader’s WAR blog as he drudges through WAR PvE content of all types. Hardcore slant, as the title infers!
Warhammer Addons Reviewed – Do you need a description? REALLY? Okay but I LOVE this one – not to be biased, but its not exactly a BLOG so I feel justified in saying it. 
Sneaky Gits – Squig Herder blog. The last thing to go through your head – other than that arrow – is how the HELL is something so ugly, so cute? Heavy attention to Squig Herders
Rainbow MMO – I look forward to this one every single time I log in. Read with an open mind, get a huge laugh, add to your list! MMOs from the perspective of a gay player. Its about time WAR got a blog of this nature.
Laughing Lion Tavern – Writings & Fan Fiction of WAR. Very entertaining with multiple authors, which I like.
High on Chaos – WAR from a Chaos Perspective, and his vision of the future.
A Non-Metagame Look – Chronicles of a Role-Playing server. Not a focus on roleplaying, but a sharing of entertaining experiences.
WAAR! Stories – I know the link has “Conan” in it, but never judge a blog by its URL! The stories of a 40 Rune Priest on Phoenix Throne.
Incoming Pull – General WAR blog, possibly dabbling in other future MMOs. Thats all he told me, folks! Take a peak.
Garrison of WAR – Blog focusing on WAR, but waiting for the coming of DAoC Origins. I’ve got my fingers crossed too, bud!
High Magic – Archmage perspective on life as a healer in WAR. Yet another underblogged class. Welcome, Lhel!
Casual Chaos – Casual Chaos player. Come on people! Okay, I guess I did say to not judge a blog by the URL.
Da Bloggy Tingy – Posting his day-to-day thoughts, opinions, and frustrations… from a destruction standpoint! NO PITY! Okay, I’m kidding.
Rav4ge’s Gaming Blog – Not entirely WAR focused – Great if you enjoy expanding into multiple games.
Bootae’s Bloody Blog – Perspective of a ‘Grumpy Old Man’! I always love these. We’ve lost a couple such blogs recently, glad to see one coming back into the mix.
Live For The Ding – Taking Alt-o-holism to a whole new level. Stand on one foot, pat your head & rub your belly while licking your elbow: 100 xp.
Nerf The Cat – Lord of the Rings Online & WAR. And… CUTE ANIMAL PICTURES! I’ve missed those… who used to always do those on their blog?
My Personal WAR – No, hes not battling inner demons. All about balancing life and gaming, with a nab of roleplaying on his Witch Elf – Interesting. I hope he writes in-character sometime!
Doodz Wherez My Blog – Right here, DOOD! click the link! A bit of destroid-speak, a bit of marauder’ing, a bit of nasty-arm syndrome.
WARart – In spanish, but before you move on… its mostly a photo-blog where they post screenshots of your WAR adventures! Great stuff, with potential to explode in popularity.
Healer at Heart – A topic likewise near and dear to my heart. Healing! Its a rough job, and its not for everyone! Swing by and give credit to the enabler of your entertainment!
Ninjagon Metalstories – In some Czech, some english. Not too much info – I dont speak Czech!
PrintscreenGG – GG, you’re busted FOOL! Hardcore-gone-casual. From hardcore experienced raider to low-profile banhammer.

Thats the wrap-up. If I missed you, post me once, slap me twice! Or… whatever! If you didn’t post on Blog Warhammer, SHAME ON YOU and go do it so we can get your name out there.

The WAR blogging community has really exploded. I pray that of this list, we retain a good majority. Know that even if I do not write to you, I still read!


And remember, blogging is a learning experience in itself. Practice makes perfect. If you post, they will read. If they enjoy, they will refer. It takes time, so dont get discouraged!


5 Responses to “WAR: Age of Blogging, Mid-Month Rollout”

  1. […] Age of Blogging and Meta Over the next couple of days I am going to go through this wonderful list that RP that way has posted. There are a couple of Blogs and Forumposts where the links are […]

  2. Thanks for the mention on the bloglist there
    although it does make printscreengg sound like the WaR version of C.O.P.S >_<

    Enjoyed you writeup on your siege def, its 100% biased in your favor and all the better for it 😀
    It’s like all my favorite 80’s action films, all totally unsubtle and with bad guys who’s only purpose is to get beat down by the good guys

    • rpthatway Says:

      Haha. Theyre all in good fun, Scribbler! Though if you’re not a fan, I would be more than willing to change it for you.

  3. I should find a particularly cute animal pic, just for you!

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