Invasion: Storming The Gates

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!… but not here. You’ll have to visit my post, Invasion Is Inevitable: Sacking The City at A Wall of Text when it publishes TONIGHT!

I, Helik of Dark Crag, have been presented with the great honor of writing for A Wall of Text! For a long time, AWoT was one of my favorite WAR blogs. As was the case with many of you, I was sad to see Brent go (temporarily) back to WoW. Though he planned to and still plans to make his return to WAR, a few of you were quite upset with his decision and chose to stop visiting his wonderful site. This is me asking you to come back. Give it another chance. I will be on the front lines of WAR, and Brent will soon make his return. My style, topic and drive will not change. I will focus on the usual: WAR adventures, theories, breakdowns and rants!

This is me asking you to update your blogrolls, readers, and favorites. This is me asking you to accompany me as I venture into uncharted territories. Join me in my newest epic adventure! I ask for your continued loyalty to my writings and believe whole-heartedly that the following decision is best for not only myself, but you as my readers.

ABOUT: A Wall of Text has two other writers, both exceptional in every aspect:
Brent: Filmed massively popular WAR beta videos, and was for some time the solo writer of one of my favorite WAR blogs of all time. He is currently lending his talent to the WoW community but may very soon return to WAR!
Scary: Currently a WoW writer with which I have not had lengthy experience, but GREATLY enjoyed his first post over on AWoT. He has a great interest in delving into future MMOs and Betas. He is actually the inspiration for more than one writing I have in mind! Very talented and witty, I look forward to each post he releases… even on a game that I do not currently play. And for me, that says a lot.

I look forward to seeing you all over at A Wall of Text! My first post will be regarding last night’s INVASION! Thats right! Along side <Hate> and many other guilds, I charged two fortresses and the gates of THE INEVITABLE CITY! Sorry guys, you’ll have to visit my new home for more storytelling & photos 🙂 See you there!! Remember, my first post publishes tonight!

For those of you with Readers, the feed is:
For those of you who just visit your favorites every day, I recommend you try out Google Reader – you can use it to visit your favorite blogs from WORK! I mean honestly, who puts a block on google? It has several functions, not the least of which are alerting you of new blog posts, and managing which you’ve read and which you have not. You even get a tab that displays ONLY blogs with unread posts. Give it a whirl, its easy and worth your while!

And remember: Its still me, under a new roof… See you tonight!


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