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This post has been edited because: A communal blog roll already exists! I suggest we all work to contribute to this, and keep it as up to date as possible.

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Blogroll “Foofery”

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HIGHWAY ROBBERY! I’m directly ripping off said “Foofery“. Thanks Ysharros for the idea!

If you aren’t on my blog-roll and I’m on yours, let me know. I know I’m missing some of you! If you read my blog and are not on my roll, likewise tell me.

Leave a comment or email me at: warrior504th -a-t- hotmail. 

If you’re a part of the Age Of Blogging effort, I’m working on adding you and also writing up a post but I’ve been very busy. Give me a couple more days!

The Lesser Of Two Evils

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We’ve all heard the phrase “Hindsight is 20/20” in regards to past failures.

I do believe Warhammer Online is a prime examle of Hindsight at its finest. Often overlooked, many people simply cannot put their finger on what is lacking in WAR. We have been given everything we have ever wanted, and somehow it has ended up being a whole lot less fun than we had anticipated. While many have left, others hold on to some strange combination of confusion and a last bit of hope.

Looking back on a decade of MMO experience, WAR seems to have offered two key elements that truly appealed to many people:

Mana vs Action Points

We see mana as a way to keep a caster’s capability in check (along with minimal armor) while still allowing them to be the power-players (healers, heavy damage-dealers). The problem that people found was that many battles simply came to a halt as a result of lacking mana.

Mythic has done about as fine of a job as anyone could have hoped for at maintaining the pace of combat. The check of mana has been replaced by separate, perhaps better checks and balances.

So whats the problem? “Resource Management”. In games where limited resources are a factor, there is also the availability of ’emergency’ abilities. You could pull some miracle healing or sudden burst out of your wazoo, but at a cost. “Rage”, “Mana” and “Energy” of WoW are prime examples of resource management. What set me apart from every button mashing rogue in the world? It came down heavily to my Energy Management. I could save, conserve, and strategically burst.

Now we have WAR, where AP is nearly a non-factor. It is lost and regained at such rates that conservation is a non-factor. Spells as a whole must be toned down. God forbid we have abilities as powerful as other popular MMOs without the check of mana! However, a problem arises: Without emergency buttons, it pans out very simply. Mythic must directly relate healing and damage. Healing must be ‘balanced’ around damage. There is no ’emergency’ button in WAR because there is nothing to stop you from chain-using it aside from a cooldown. A cooldown is a cooldown, used once within a period of time. An ’emergency’ is reusable at some large expense to the caster.

Have we traded skill for convenience?

Epic Warfare

 Our second, but no less critical misconception that initially appealed to many is that of Epic Warfare. How many late nights have you stayed up, assaulting cities in games where such was not even part of the ‘content’, dreaming of future MMOs where you might lead an army charging, laying waste to any who may stand in your way.

That is what we had hoped WAR would be. Epic. Grand beyond imagining. Unfortunately ‘we’ are few. A fact that we so easily forget has surfaced again to slap us in the face: You cannot force anyone to play your game how you think it ‘should’ be played. Players will play it exactly as they see fit. And usually that does not spell ‘epic’ or ‘legendary’ unless stamped across a piece of loot. They will bend and twist your rules, push your boundaries. The quick path to the next item with some false pretense of ‘preparing for the war’. In reality, we are avoiding the very war we continually claim we are preparing for.

If I were forced to point a finger at a solitary design flaw, I would blame wards. Syp made some great points regarding wards. More or less: To tell people that in order to have any hope of reaching the pinnacle of RvR, they need a set of loot most easily acquired through active avoidance of such is fundamentally foolish. However, I believe this does not touch one one key point. Wards discourage any hopes of ‘epic warfare’. Epic warfare implies struggle. Struggle implies time. Time is money, or in our case, loot. So the community avoids warfare at every turn, clinging tight to the excuse of ward requirements.


Which is the lesser of the two evils? Skill or Class Limitation?  Blatant Greed or False Glory?

Just last night, I stood tall with < Fist of Sigmar> on my Rune Priest, Convert. We both defended and assaulted keeps against well more than twice our numbers. Our organization and determination won the day.

Cling tight to your excuses. Grip fearfully to your pathetic wards. Your falsely-justified greed is soon to be revealed! Your days of free reign are numbered! While I may at first stand alone, others will soon gather ’round. No matter where you go, there will you find us. Together we will fight for Glory, Honor, Pride & Ultimate Victory!

With whom will you stand?

Social Experimentation

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My last post, as you know, was in part a poorly written rant about some failures of WAR, but also an experiment.

After regularly pulling 10+ reads a day via google on my “Cannoli & Egg Nog” post, I decided to write a post featuring several things I felt people may be searching for. Surely they are not THE most popular searches, but hey…

The result? its 11:00am and I have 20 direct opens on Porn Religion Obama Warcraft Iraq Top10 News Batman Poker Jessica Alba Brittany Spears Implant. Now, this is not a lot in the whole scheme of how often my site is visited… but the fact that that post was directly opened seems to indicate that people are finding it via other sources.

See, all of my posts may be read by simply visiting the main site. Opening the post itself is not required to read. And since most of you dont comment (I wish you would!), many of my posts remain unopened.

Will Porn Religion Obama Warcraft Iraq Top10 News Batman Poker Jessica Alba Brittany Spears Implant come to rival Cannoli & Egg Nog? Time will tell!!

Porn Religion Obama Warcraft Iraq Top10 News Batman Poker Jessica Alba Brittany Spears Implant

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Thank you for participating in [RP That Way]’s first Social Experiment: Search Engine Hits

This post does have a purpose, however. First, my girlfriend’s plane left today to go back to school. So I’m back to full-time WAR. Second, to say I got my Annihilator chest piece on Sunday afternoon in a 1-hour stent of playtime, by happening to arrive at a 10-man keep push in which I placed 6th. Helik is now 35/30.9

Finally, I just wanted to bitch a little about the things that hold back WAR, as discussed by bloggers & guildmates.

1) The Community: The people themselves have changed. It is a new age. Though discussed by many bloggers over quite a length, I believe Ysharros says it best. What happened to guilds that were once more. Social Networks, Tribes, Clans, dare I say… families! Yes indeed, once there was a close connection between guildmates. Something that transcended individualism and selfishness and greed. This is a problem running rampid through many games, and could prove quite difficult to fix.

2) The Terrain: This was a major discussion in <Knoxious> a few nights previous. While there are a few keeps with interesting and even defensable terrain, the great majority of them are more or less a field, a door, a small patch of land, another door. There are no defensible positions, no strategic ambush/holding points. Nothing. Just a door, a tiny run, and another door. Pathetic at best! Not only does the terrain need work, but the points of entry/siege weapon system as well. Destroyable walls? Perhaps ladders and ropes? Formidable and perhaps scaling NPCS would solve the problem of this allowing small-group keep entry. The structure itself, perhaps, could be reworked to be more defensible as well. Too much work, Mythic? Well, then your game is probably going to get boring and redundant in a huge hurry! At LEAST formidable NPCs, so that keeps are not simply plowed by any force larger than half a warband.

3) Overdone Crowd-Control: Snafzg really covers everything that I would want to say about this. Mythic broke one of its key promises: less crowd-control. This, combined with a few other changes which have been delivered, put the outcome back into the hands of the player. It holds true until Tier 4, where it becomes an epic failure. And we wonder why people LOVE T1-3 and hate tier 4…

Well, I really am uninspired to write more at the moment. Peace out.

Beware The Title

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Thats right people!!

Apparently my “Cannoli & Egg Nog” post gets me about 10 reads per day via google. No, its not a recipe!!

Makes me want to title my next WAR post something to the effect of:

“porn religion obama warcraft iraq top10 news batman poker”

Just to see how many daily views I get from google.

WAR: Age Of Blogging

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The Blogging Community has gathered together under a joint New Years Resolution. To recruit YOU to write!

The Warhammer Blogging Community has recently lost some of its most beloved names to a variety of issues. It is time for YOU to rise up! The WAR Blogging community is known for being supportive, and we have worked hard to be labeled as such!

Starting a blog is NOT hard. You simply visit a site like WordPress or Blogger and register! Syp has actually taken it upon himself to write a Guide to starting your own blog, but it is really no harder than opening a new email.

And what kind of community would we be if we didn’t throw you traffic? A number of established bloggers have given their word to get your name out there, read, link and encourage traffic to visit you! All you have to do is make a blog, and get up 3-5 interesting posts to solidify your site! Once you have a few posts, make yourself known HERE! Here are just some who have promised to send you traffic!

Five excuses you have probably made for not starting a blog even though you want to:

  1. “It takes too long to get steady traffic” A huge list of bloggers are going to send you traffic.
  2. “I don’t know how to make one” Syp wrote a GUIDE for you!
  3. “I don’t have time to write daily” One of my favorite blogs writes once a week.
  4. “I don’t know what to write about” Most bloggers have been inspired on posts by other blogs. You don’t need a mission statement. Just write on what you want: Fact, theory, story-telling, lore, life, love, hate, drama or anger! It really doesn’t matter. Make it interesting, and the people will read!
  5. “I’m not good at fluffy wording” You dont have to be as elegant as Ysharros to have a blog. Besides, it comes with practice… So start practicing!!

I feel this mission is so important, that this will be my only post until Monday. Open your blog and get to writing! Then make it known!! See you in the ‘sphere, future bloggers!

If you have a blog already and are not on my blog-roll, drop me a link and I will most definitely take a look!